Monthly archives:October 2010

My kind of Fun

Finals are near and I'm here tearing my head off studying for the exams and quizzes that are being thrown at us every week till the big one comes. I love going for Dim Sums and ordering the steamed dumplings and my favourite 'lao sa' bun(Salted Egg Yolk with Custard Bun). Had fun baking these baby fruit tarts with mummy but because we didn't have enough ingredients to make our own tart pastry, we settled for ready made ones. Rummy-O for the three of us every night. Definitely a fun game besides me being the slowest one to make a move every time. Somehow, I love night-ins like that with the family. I'm odd like that. :mrgreen: My sister bought us some chocolates and a bag filled with lollipops! Been eating them everyday because I love sw[...]

Magazines for the men in Japan

Right after the Kimono show, we alighted out bus to get to the bullet train station as I said in my previous post here. Initially, I thought it's a super short journey to the train station but FOL it took us 2 hours I THINK?! We did a short stopover at this quaint rest house and they've got the best vending machines and a hugee shop for you to shop for tidbits! I MEAN HHHUUUUUUUUGGGEEEEE!!! But then again, most importantly i love their vending machines especially the coffee ones because they've got a little camera showing the process of brewing your cup of coffee INSIDE the machine, for example while it's grinding the coffee beans and etc! :mrgreen: :razz: As we boarded the bus to continue our journey to the bullet train station, Kenro-san gave us a fe[...]

Wild Flowers

While my dearest mummy was still here, sister took a day off on Monday to bring us to a guided walk at Kings Park to look at pretty pretty wildflowers. It's been a AGES(!!!) since we've been to Kings Park as it's so far away from my house!! :evil: It's a shame though cause that place is too lovely for picnic! I've always wanted to have a picnic with beautiful flowers around me, us girls wearing picnic dresses and sipping tea from a small dainty tea cup over a plate of sweet sinful cakes! The guided walk was scheduled to start at 10am and lasts about 1 and a half hour. As there were soooo many people interested in this walk, ALL AUNTIES WTF *hides self*, we were then divided into two groups. Basically the wild flower walk is a tour around the bush area displaying th[...]

Kimono Fashion Show

Have you ever wanted to wear a type of clothing so badly that you've decided to just wrap a towel around your body thinking that it could replicate what you wanted and started walking around being all proud and confident? I don't know about you but my towel used to be my tail, my kimono, my Superman cape and many more weird things you see in the movies! However, I've always wanted to wear a kimono when I was young and when I tell that to everyone, they'll ask me to marry a Japanese guy! :evil: I MEAN THAT CAN NOT BE THE ONLY WAY RIGHT! We could have always buy them right right?! Shoot me please, because after our lunch on the second day, we were bought to a Kimono Factory! LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM OH-MY-GOD!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Btw the green bike above, that's the Japanese[...]

Holy Second Day at Kyomizu Temple

Waking up at 6 in the morning for breakfast at 7am was somewhat different from my usual routine but I just love the breakfast that most of the hotels serve! Don't laugh but I sure can't cook scrambled eggs at home for nuts!! Luckily they serve scrambled eggs as breakfast with boiled sausages every morning (YAY FOR HEALTHY FOOD) so I was a happy girl by noon all day! :mrgreen: Another reason contributing to my happy dilly mood was when I discovered that my sister and I wore the same purple frill top on the same day without even telling each other ahead! What a coincidence really! She was really annoyed though when others asked us about it hahahahahaha! I'm such an attention seeker wth :roll: Okay I take that happy dilly statement back because it was drizzling most of the t[...]

Mumsie Goodness

Sleeveless White Top with Frills : Kookai Black Shorts : Zara Dirty Pink Coat : Topshop Necklace : JayJays Flats : Sister's Rocco Bag : Alexander Wang It's the time of the year again where Mummy comes over to Perth to whip up a whole list of food that I've prepared in my 'TO-EAT -LIST'! But then again, everytime she comes over I'll make an excuse to try this and that or restaurants all over Perth because I would love her to try as many things as possible while she's here WTH! :razz: Another reason that I would love this is so that I could dress up!! :twisted: :twisted: Anyhow, we took her to this Vietnamese store in Subiaco market and we both ordered Fried Marinated Chicken with Mixed Noodles! The fried chicken was absolutely to-die-for because it's b[...]

First Night in Osaka

After a whole noon of fun spent at Universal Studios, it was time for us to head to our hotels to check in. There goes our first stay of our entire trip in Osaka. On the way to the hotel, there was a whole street filled with all the luxuray brands for the tais tais with the likes of Miu Miu, Gucci, etc and just right behind is MY SHOPPING HEAVEN for the ones whose young at heart! I'll get to that later. I just love the streets in Japan as they are always kept clean and there's not a SPECK OF RUBBISH IN SIGHT! The population in Japan is higher yet the level of cleanliness is way better, that's saying something isn't it!? I've heard others saying 'Japan is so clean, it makes Malaysia/Perth looks like a rubbish dump' hahahahha! Anyways, we checked into a tiny hotel called 'Cross[...]