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Holy Second Day at Kyomizu Temple

Waking up at 6 in the morning for breakfast at 7am was somewhat different from my usual routine but I just love the breakfast that most of the hotels serve! Don’t laugh but I sure can’t cook scrambled eggs at home for nuts!! Luckily they serve scrambled eggs as breakfast with boiled sausages every morning (YAY FOR HEALTHY FOOD) so I was a happy girl by noon all day! :mrgreen: Another reason contributing to my happy dilly mood was when I discovered that my sister and I wore the same purple frill top on the same day without even telling each other ahead! What a coincidence really! She was really annoyed though when others asked us about it hahahahahaha! I’m such an attention seeker wth :roll:

Okay I take that happy dilly statement back because it was drizzling most of the time which makes my picture all gloomy and depressing! :evil: And what more when I have to protect my lens from the pouring rain, hold an umbrella with my SHOULDER, having one bag on another shoulder while taking pictures?

We were driven to a few temples in the morning to get a little knowledge on religious practices done by the Japanese. I hadn’t really put much thought into what their religion is called though so I didn’t get the chance to ask Kenro-san about that. :sad: However, I’ve always love the structure of their temples! It’s so pagoda-ish!! There was this part where we had to throw some coins into a stone-brick thing which they’ve built before you pray to their God. And I like that picture of me praying(FOR REAL OKAY) cause it makes me look thin and I think I look pretty there cause you can’t see my face HAHAHAHAHA!! :roll:

In the middle of the temple, there’s a super duper heavy equipment (apparently weapons from the old times) for temple goers to give a try on lifting it. I TELL YOU I CAN NOT EVEN MOVE ONE MM OF THAT CRAZY THING!! How do people from the old times even run with it doing the Tarzan OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH while charging at their enemies? Must have been in something they ate! :???: Tongkat Ali yooo! HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF!

Kyomizu Temple is separated into a few parts within itself, and this stone that I’m touching is only meant for singles. :twisted: I’ve seen quite a number of female students particularly blindly walking for quite a few metres. Curious. I was told that the Japanese believed that if you close your eyes and walk towards to where the stone is, you touch it, you’ll find your true love without you knowing it. HAHAHAHA BULLOCKS but i did it anyway! I was supposed to think of that guy in my head while walking but when it was my turn, all I could think was OKAY WALK STRAIGHT WALK STRAIGHT DON’T LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT! I probably looked like an idiot anyway as you could see in the pictures. :roll:

Lookie! They use green joss sticks instead of the red ones we see in Chinese temple!! :razz:

In our entire journey walking through Kyomizu Temple, we were looking for this three valley/river water thingy, I forgotten what it’s called! We were told that each one of them brings different meaning which is Wealth, Love and Success or was it something else? BUT YOU KNOW LA, IT’S THOSE GOOD THINGS PEOPLE WANT IN LIFE! Upon hearing this, any sane human would obviously drink all three so three of us did, and boy oh boy those ladles sure have a long handle! I have a picture of my mum’s ladle almost poking my sister’s eye and that picture is priceless! I hadn’t got the guts to post it here yet but don’t worry, I probably will some time in the future! :twisted: Anyways, so we drank all three and it just tasted like normal cold refreshing water DUH BUT IT’S OKAY, *chants wealth, love and success a million times!!*

To our disappointment, after forcing myself to drink three full ladles of water, Kenro-San told me it only works if you picked two out of the three, if you picked all three, it just shows that you’re greedy and it will only be like as though you’re drinking plain water. WTF DAMN SAD GILER BABI AFTER HEARING THAT :cry:

Right after that, we went out from the temple because we decided to just be unholy-holy again and walked around the souvenir shops probably seems like a better idea! *SHOPPING SOUNDS GOOD ALL THE TIME TO ME* :mrgreen: Most of the time, I did my shopping with my parents alone, and when we finished trying all flavours of mochi you could ever imagine(mango, green tea, red bean, orange and etc), drank green tea, and bought japanese fans, we meet up with my sister who bought a japanese fan as well!

When we both showed which design we got excitedly, IT WAS THE SAME WHEN WE TOOK IT OUT WHAT THE HECK! Talking about the second coincidence of the day. :???:

When you’re travelling abroad, you just got to try all the local snacks, WHAT MORE WHEN YOU’RE IN JAPAN! So I stuffed myself silly with this flat sotong-fishball and a matcha soft cream cone! My dad didn’t want one initially cause he claimed that it was such a kiddy food wtf. Having tasted mine, HE ASKED ME TO GET ANOTHER ONE FOR HIM WHAT NONSENSE! But it was THAT GOOD! Soft and creamy with an amazing hint of green tea in it. Perfection.

It’s so unfair though that my dad poses prettier than me for ice-cream! :cry:

Bought a pair of japanese soft toys which I’ve left in Malaysia sadly and I’ve found out that there’s a hold in their 50yen coin!! JAKUN!! THERE’S A HOLE IN A COIN WOHHHH!!!

Went to another temple but I was so tired from walking so much in the first one that I hadn’t really pay attention to this one. But I love the pictures taken here more than the first one though! :lol: When Kenro-San told me that we’re going for lunch and since it’s nearby we’re walking to the restaurant itself which is great cause I spotted a telephone booth earlier and I wanted to take a picture with it! Both my cousin and I ran to this booth so that we could have a few minutes of our own posing without having other people from our group giving us weird stares! But then again, I guessed they could see us from afar because they were all laughing at us while I was running like a penguin towards the phone booth! :evil:

HAH! Not so overrated isn’t it? It’s not a London telephone booth but a Japanese telephone booth!!

I’m such a special child. :cool:

Surprisingly, the dishes they served here were good!! That’s why you only get to see two cause I had turned into a lion devouring all the tasty dishes before others finish my share! :shock:

Anyways, Happy 10.10.10 PEOPLE!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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