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Wild Flowers

While my dearest mummy was still here, sister took a day off on Monday to bring us to a guided walk at Kings Park to look at pretty pretty wildflowers. It’s been a AGES(!!!) since we’ve been to Kings Park as it’s so far away from my house!! :evil: It’s a shame though cause that place is too lovely for picnic! I’ve always wanted to have a picnic with beautiful flowers around me, us girls wearing picnic dresses and sipping tea from a small dainty tea cup over a plate of sweet sinful cakes!

The guided walk was scheduled to start at 10am and lasts about 1 and a half hour. As there were soooo many people interested in this walk, ALL AUNTIES WTF *hides self*, we were then divided into two groups. Basically the wild flower walk is a tour around the bush area displaying the wild flowers you’ll get to find around Western Australia. To help you understand better, think lalang in Malaysia, but it’s all types of flowers here instead!! SO UNFAIR!! :evil: And that’s their national flower in the last picture, Kangaroo Paw! They come in many colours but I just found out that they have it in baby pink too! They planted them in my uni this morning, felt like bringing them home!!!!! :oops:

30 minutes into the walk, we found this tiny puny kuchilek flower! IT’S THE SIZE OF A RAISIN! Everybody liked this one as there’s a shiny silver-ish line across its petals, making it look like as if it’s a pendant. That’s me in front of the DNA tower! HAHAHHAA i was so ignorant i didn’t think it looks like a DNA structure when i saw it in the first place!

And that bushy plant grows a length of 2cm annually only! SO BE GLAD THAT YOUR HAIR GROWS AT A QUICKER RATE THAN IT!! I’m damn sure that the tree is having hair envy. :roll:

The plant with the spiky fruit in the middle, produces those brown furry bits which you can probably see around it. Apparently, this is what people use to make felt material. HOHOHHOHO didn’t know a wild flower walk could make me feel smarter this way but at the same time, I felt stupid too because I tell you, those aunties know almost all the scientific names to almost each and every flower! It goes on like this *found a new flower* *OH THAT’S THE HORPUS KARADABRA BABUS* and I would be standing next to them with my dumb face :shock:

After walking around, some of them spotted those bugs eating that poor poor caterpillar. GROSS MAX! I can’t imagine the pain it would be going through, being punched with holes from those pincers.

After 2 hours of long walk, I was dead exhausted by then and one old lady in the group wasn’t even showing any sign of being tired WTF! :shock: The walk took longer than planned as each of them tells a lot of interesting facts about each flower. I’m quite impressed I must say because I’ve never came across people who would be so interested in flowers and from this, I did get to know one or two more facts about these wild flowers. Sadly, this guided walk only lasts for a month and I would truly recommend you guys to head over here especially during Spring!


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