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Magazines for the men in Japan

Right after the Kimono show, we alighted out bus to get to the bullet train station as I said in my previous post here.

Initially, I thought it’s a super short journey to the train station but FOL it took us 2 hours I THINK?! We did a short stopover at this quaint rest house and they’ve got the best vending machines and a hugee shop for you to shop for tidbits! I MEAN HHHUUUUUUUUGGGEEEEE!!! But then again, most importantly i love their vending machines especially the coffee ones because they’ve got a little camera showing the process of brewing your cup of coffee INSIDE the machine, for example while it’s grinding the coffee beans and etc! :mrgreen: :razz:

As we boarded the bus to continue our journey to the bullet train station, Kenro-san gave us a few snacks to munch on!! YAY!! :razz: I was craving for Japanese snacks so badly at that time and I think he read my mind hohoho! It was so yummy that my parents bought the pistachios peanut snacks, green tea biscuits and black sesame chocolate from him! CAN I GO JAPAN JUST TO BUY THESE SNACKS PLS? IT’S SO YUMMY LA! :oops:

After what seems like hours, we managed to arrive at the train station! I still remembered that we weren’t exactly being stopped right in front of the station where you could just walk a stone throw distance towards the actual station. It was a hell rainy long walk, my flats all wet and damp as you could remembered from my previous post that it was a rainy day that particular day! It was definitely a very busy station as there were at least a hundred people walking through those gates every few minutes!

My very first time taking the bullet train and hell it was crazy fast when one passes through that my skirt can tear into pieces just standing on the platform!! YEA THAT FAST! Now this is when the paranoia kicks into my mummy. :twisted: She was so worried that I would commit suicide HAHAHAHA asking me not to stand so close or beyond the yellow line when i’m quite a few metres away! I don’t blame her really cause I was a little scared myself from its speed!

For a moment, I thought I was taking a plane because you could literally feel the speed its travelling in and our dear mummy kept telling just to ‘Sit down! Sit down! If not, you’ll fly to the front because it’s so fast!!’. HAHAHHAA that got everyone into hysterics because we tried explaining to our mum that an airplane definitely travels faster yet we could walk slowly when we’re in one. I imitated Superman’s pose ‘flying’ along the aisle right after that :razz: She didn’t talk to us for awhile FOL. :oops:

Not long after that, a lady in uniform pushed her cart down the aisle selling snacks! I felt so Harry Potter-ish after that hoping that she might be selling those Chocolate Frogs. :roll:

We were greeted with high rise buildings once we got our from our station! Then I found a postbox! I’m sorry I have a thing with Japanese postbox because I see them so often in Doraemon! Childhood memory kicks so DIE DIE also must take picture with it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Went shopping for an hour before we could get to have our dinner ;-)

As we were still waiting for other people to gather before we could go into the restaurants, I was told to sit outside this restaurant where chairs were prepared for people in queue. As we know that we are having Unagi for dinner, coincidentally the restaurant whose chairs we were sitting on has Unagi all over their menu so unknowingly we thought that’s where we’re eating!! The waiter came out and ask us how many of us would be dining so we told them 33 proudly!! :mrgreen: Little did we know it’s the restaurant next door that we’re eating at HAHAHAHHAHA! So when we moved towards the other restaurant, poor waiter was so disappointed LOL POOR THING! *pats head* :twisted:

Back to the meal, I have to say that this is one of the best unagi I’ve tasted EVER!! I don’t even like unagi in the first place and this one is amazingly different from the ones that I’ve tasted in KL!

Stuffing ourselves with Unagi and rice definitely left us 50 months pregnant. :evil: Thankfully, we had to walk to our hotel! What I really liked about this hotel is that their interior design is inspired by all-things related to music. Be it the elevator buttons, doors or anything, you’ll definitely find a musical instrument or component inspired interior! And that’s our lovely Kenro-san’s sign while us kids sneaked out to have a look at the Japanese’s convenience store mainly for a nasty intention. :twisted:

No, not for the milk tea but..

TADAH!!! *WASH EYES* FREAKK HAHHAHA when we first stepped in, the racks of magazines are just right smack at the entrance and it’s IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU to ignore these front covers. Unfortunately, most of them are sealed so we couldn’t have a sneak peak!! :evil: After 2 minutes of finding for one that’s not sealed, we did manage to find one but FOL the cover girl was so fat and ugly wasn’t that pretty compared to the other magazines! I still remembered getting shivers after looking at it because it was THAT terrifying! :shock:

You should have seen this one coming because how can I walk away without taking a picture with these?! :twisted:

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