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Flower Girl

This Spring, we went to Araluen Farm to enjoy the breathtaking view of flowers. Not having any chances of visiting any tulip farms before this, I was definitely looking forward to this trip very much and it was undeniably a good break from my constant weeks filled with assignments and small tests. As soon as we reached the farm, we were soon greeted with smells from different flowers and I really love the smell of one of the roses there as the sweet nectar it produces reminds me so much of my favourite rose syrup cordial drink! This place was definitely a great place for family picnics and they even have a little hut which serves great lunch and tea. On a side note, I've been eating like a fat pig since I'm[...]

Japan Trip Day Three : Scary Night Out

After the short crying drama in the restaurant, we then headed off to another temple called Peace Park Sakura Garden. At this rate, I was completely tired of going to so many temples all the time because I'm anticipating for my shopping escapades so much to the point where all my nerves are filled with terrifying shopping electrons that are dying to leech out of my skin! Till I saw this little cute ferret that was being surrounded by small kids up to my knee's length and myself as well *coughs* going 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MUMMY I WANT THIS TOO' :roll: It took us long enough to reach Level 5 of Fuji Mountain and there were so many cars and buses heading there as well! With the amount of people there, I think you can set up a v[...]

Japan Trip : Sue me, I cry over food

Finals is about to start and 2 days time and I guess that explains my not-so-often blog posts lately. But then again, here I am spending my time to jot down a few words on my Japan posts because I'm so sick of studying already! I've basically slacked the whole day so I thought this would be the cue for me to blog. :grin: Waking up in the morning to a view like that is just breathtaking. I stared down the window for a good half an hour trying to count the number of vehicles passing by in the size of an ant and occasionally spotting a really long bullet train passing by the tracks just right beneath our hotel. Breakfasts filled with buttery crisp croissant, waffles, boiled sausages and DID I MENTION WEDGES at 7am every morning is definitely a sin. Oh yes it is but[...]


Dotti Skirt Topshop Tights Mummy's Longchamp Bag Diva Headband I'm glad I could manage to squeeze in some time for me to blog during the weeknight and I'm so glad that one of my final paper is finished today! :mrgreen: My sister brought us to an Italian Restaurant in South Perth, called Spaghi and they are said to serve one of the most authentic Italian pasta in Perth. Seafood Marinara remains one of our favourite whereas my sister prefers the spaghetti with local Italian clams. Spaghetti cooked to al dente and the freshness from the variety of seafood, definitely a wonderful delight to my palate!! I love this Chanel-esque tights of mine as it blends in with the colour of my skin, and it feels good having quite a number passer-by co[...]

Lanvin <3 HM

Love the video. Awkwardly funny and most of all, a collection to DIE FOR!! How I wish I could get my hands on a few pieces from this collection :evil: Been dying to have H&M in KL and they're still not here yet! MUST.WISH.HARDER.