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Japan Trip : Sue me, I cry over food

Finals is about to start and 2 days time and I guess that explains my not-so-often blog posts lately. But then again, here I am spending my time to jot down a few words on my Japan posts because I’m so sick of studying already! I’ve basically slacked the whole day so I thought this would be the cue for me to blog. :grin:

Waking up in the morning to a view like that is just breathtaking. I stared down the window for a good half an hour trying to count the number of vehicles passing by in the size of an ant and occasionally spotting a really long bullet train passing by the tracks just right beneath our hotel.

Breakfasts filled with buttery crisp croissant, waffles, boiled sausages and DID I MENTION WEDGES at 7am every morning is definitely a sin. Oh yes it is but then I was being a God to myself because I forgave my own sins lol wtf!? :roll: I got pretty excited when I saw this Ultraman status over the signboard that I started standing in the bus doing the Ultraman Cross-Handed Sign and going PEW PEW PEW!! I have no idea why I did that but it was just a spur of the moment kinda thing. :lol:

At this point, we were on our way to Owakudani which is a boiling volcano alley with shitloads of holes emitting sulfurous fumes. Don’t you just love the rest stops in Japan? They have so many vending machines at every stop, be it selling hot chips, ice-creams and even sushi! I didn’t like that scallop candy, because it’s so cina scallop bleagh! A long journey definitely calls for a Disney cartoon! Watched my all time favourite, Lion King with the cousin singing to Hakuna Matata! But everybody was sleeping and they didn’t even bother listening to me HMPH! :evil:


Once we’ve reached Owakudani, everybody’s faces turned green from the sulfurous fumes.To give you a better understanding, it definitely smells like a place where 100 people definitely teamed up to fart at the same time. YES IT IS THAT STINKY! I wasn’t breathing through my nose most of the time. :shock: But thank God it was a windy day that day so I managed to have a few seconds of a breath of fresh air.

As you could see from the pictures, the water is boiling hot! Being Japanese, they’ve discovered that people could boil eggs in it! Hence, a shop is opened in the middle of smelly hill selling black shelled eggs which attracts people like me! I’ve eaten hard boiled eggs in red shells and its usual colour, so I must eat black shell eggs too to add to my collection. :roll: But really, everybody was crazily queuing up for these little black gems, I didn’t want to miss out on anything so we all had hard boiled eggs on a volcano mountain, HAH!

My dad’s so funny I want to pee in my pants. I asked him what’s that wooden cage for? I have to defend myself before you all come rolling your eyes thinking I’m stupid because it’s obviously for those eggs! I tend o ask things before having a deep thought because I refuse to think sometimes and you might get funny answers along the way! That aside, my dad explained to me saying that it’s meant for people whose too lazy/tired to walk down the hill. LOL MIND YOU IT’S A PRETTY DAMN SMALL CAGE. I guess my dad refuses to think too HAHAHHA! It runs in the genes I see. :lol: :lol:

Right after that, we were taken to Hakone Terminal for our lunch! I was so happy when I saw this fried dish on my bento tray and mind you, I tend to leave my favourite bits of the meal to the end so that I could savour them with delight. Halfway through, I spotted this pretty ship in the middle of the river/sea/lake? I ran to the window and snapped a few shots of it! As I moved back to my seat, I REALISED THAT THE ONE THING I WAS PROTECTING FOR WAS GONE!!! And my family had the guts to tell me that Tian ate it to which I believed because he’s mean like that!! :evil:

And then, I started thinking ‘HOMAIIGOODDD I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO COME JAPAN EVER AGAIN TO EAT THIS WITH MY FAMILY AND ALL THE EMOTIONAL THOUGHTS STARTED CROSSING THROUGH MY MIND’. I started sobbing OVER A FRIED THING WTF!!! Everybody whipped out their camera and started paparazzi-ing me fml.

But then in the end, he just hid it under his bowl. Pheww! :razz: I was all smiles after that. What a way to make me cry! :oops:

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