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Shopping in Ginza

Truly sorry for the two weeks absence! It is so tiring now that I’ve started my internship and I have to say that I’m not really enjoying it as much as I want myself to be. With the amount of salary per month, I’ve been thinking of buying a lot of things with that money and I have to say that the things I want is already more than my salary GAHHH!!! Anyhowww, I’m just going to get on with my Japan posts! :mrgreen: After a whole lot of drama from the previous night, waking up to Fuji Mountain was beautifully calming and I felt like I could live with these for a few more weeks! Sadly, we had to leave by 8 to face a war in the city in the noon! I think this is some sort of strategy you know. It’s like they’re preparing you for a war by starting the trip with loads of temples and staying at hotels with the most amazing view ever and having the most wonderful hot bath! AND THEN BAM they bring you walking for next 72 hours non-stop!

Being given chocolates in the shape of boobs isn’t entirely exciting to the girls you see.

On our way to war!!! I really love the streets in Japan! The buildings, the street lamps, words on the street. Everything is just so pretty to me!

Walking through this long street of vendors was definitely a hassle because of the large crowd! This was a definitely a place to get all the souvenirs such as keychains and what nots because everyone is basically selling the things that are similar to each other. Even with that, the souvenirs still cost me a fortune because everything is so freaking expensive! So off I went after buying some to get myself some snacks yumyum!

I kept pestering Kenro-san about Dorayaki because I’ve seen it too many times in Doraemon’s comics and I have to get a taste of it seeing how Doraemon gets so crazy over it. Sadly, I was told that the chances of finding it here is next to zero but the closest I could get my hands on would be this little treat which is could be seen at almost every corner of the street! I found one where the cake is in the shape of a fish with green tea paste in it! Anything with green tea and I’ll say yes to it! :razz:

Money Cats everywhere! Simply too cute to resist that I bought one for my future-car-which-does-not-even-exist-now.

After two hours of conquering a few streets, off we went to fill up our energy! I love the details and effort they put when serving meals. I begged my mum to buy more plates and bowls so she’ll serve each of us individually like that! She told me she would do that if I agreed washing the number of plates and bowls after that. I shut myself up by then of course! :evil: On our way out, my cousin and I spotted this colourful thingy and the first thought that came to my mind was OMG COLOURFUL TOOTHBRUSHES YAY!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Little did I know it’s just some tools to put your umbrella. :evil:

Don’t you just love their cute little signboards which are exploding with colours!?

I remembered the moment we reached Ginza, we were greeted with a REALLYY tall building with the Burberry screaming across its windows. All hells break loose because *coughs* everyone *coughs* gone crazy inside. Everybody wants Burberry Blue because it’s an exclusive line that is only being sold in Japan and their collection are pretty limited. I did a quick glance through it because I however was anticipating for a brand just right opposite. H&M AND ZARA!!!!!! :razz: I went over the other side in the end by myself because everyone was taking too long in one shop itself! Whatever happened to our strategy man?!?! That’s when I got my favourite military jacket you see on my Facebook. :mrgreen:

I really like Ginza because it seems like a never ending road with favourite shops being planted on both sides. So you’ll feel undecided everytime you take a step because you wouldn’t know whether you should go to the shop on the right or left first! Plus they have a lot of brands which KL does not have to offer yet so that’s even better! Next up: HARAJUKU!!! A place where you’ll see all the weird people and hohoho trust me, I got them all in my camera. :twisted:

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