Monthly archives:January 2011

Big Yellow Sunflowers

Helloo!!!! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS! So I'm having an identity crisis right now. I was stalking my facebook homepage and someone was talking about the all new zodiac signs. I googled! Lo and behold, LOOK AT THIS!! I'M NOW A LIBRA WTFF!! :evil: :evil: :evil: I probably had screwed up my biological clock a little because I'm still not asleep yet even though I have work tomorrow! But all is well because this way, I could spend time writing bits and pieces before my memory slips right off me! :evil: I was discussing with my friends on how ironic our parents are sometimes. When you're just a teenager, parents just hate the thought of throwing a party at home for your birthdays. Then there is a period where you just study abroad, they'll find any nitty gritty reason to throw[...]

Harajuku Girls

Boy oh boy, my trip sure sounded like I was in Japan for ages but towards our second last day of the whole Japan trip, the day was basically filled with shopping shopping and a great length of distance on walking! So much so that by the end of my trip, the only two pairs of flats that I've brought over died on me!! :evil: :evil: That's just merely our first entrance to pushy sweaty war! Swear to God that I was walking like a penguin because that just describes the amount of space I could move with my feet as soon as I entered Harajuku! It was no doubt an eye opening experience though because I've got a chance to see so many weird different people!! :roll: However, I do admire the amount of courage they had to express themselves and stand out from the crow[...]