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Chinese New Year on the hill

Ever since Topshop has launced its cosmetic line in KLCC, I’ve been dying to get my hands on their cotton candy-ish pastel nail polish!! So bitchypeachy tone it is for Chinese New Year! The stupid thing was, when I was about to paint my nails, I realised that I still had a little bit of nail polish on my fingernails and wtf i didn’t have any nail polish remover! Took us years to get up to Genting mehh!! I’m not going to Genting on CNY E.V.E.R!

Went over all the obstacles (of phone calls and what nots) to get this baseball jacket to discovered that THIS IS NOT THE ONE I SAW FROM THE CORNER OF MY EYE WHEN I WAS WALKING IN PAVILION WEEKS AGO! But it’s okay, this is very nice too! *comforts self* :roll:

It’s pretty ironic really because my parents have been discussing to bring me all the way to Genting BECAUSE I HADN’T EAT AT THE COFFEE TERRACE FOR AGES!! 6 months past and when I’m in Genting, they decided to eat at a Chinese Restaurant instead. :evil: So much for planning WAYYYYYY ahead!!

Just right after dinner, there was a a huge crowd everywhere and sexy chubby men in uniform are not letting anyone in except ME BECAUSE I BATTERED MY PRETTY EYELASHES AT THEM! So there I was standing next to men in uniform LOL, waiting for something which I have totally no idea about for the sake of kepoh-ing! Turns out there would be fireworks boom boom boom Katy Perry!

However though, there was this one annoying girl whose behind the barrier :twisted: who couldn’t stop herself from talking and acting like a MORON BECAUSE she kept on hitting the guard’s cone like as though YO YO YO THIS IS A ROCK CONCERT WHILE SCREAMING WOH WOH WOH! And then(YEA, SHE PROCEEDED TO TALK!!!!) she was talking about the WEATHER!

Crazy woman : EH CUACA SANGAT PANAS KAN? (Mind you a wind just gushed by and I was sort of freezing my ass off), sangat panas sampai saya pun ada demam.

Men in Uniform : *NODS HEAD*

Crazy woman : AWAK ADA DEMAM TAK?

Wtfff immediately the men in uniform walked to my other side HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Omg that woman is soooo weird I swear! At least she did kept my daddy and I entertained because we laughed like mad chickens after that. :twisted:

I insist on posting this picture even though you could probably see half of my dad’s face because in the end, we all know that my face is the only thing you people would want to see! :razz:

Probably all I ever did was walk around like an aimless person and force my dad to take a hundred pictures of me in front of the Merry-Go-Round! Never again I would go back to Genting on the first day of CNY! Probably the good thing that came out of it is that I managed to try the Fried Mee Hoon which is somewhat new to me?! Can I tapau back to Perth please?!


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