Monthly archives:March 2011

Kalamunda Market on a Sunshine Sunny Day

I think I'm starting to get attracted to all kinds of hats!! Be it floppy hats, trilby or fedora, and flower headpieces like as if I'm Rapunzel! It's already bad enough that I've started my headband collection just 2 years ago and NOW HATS!!! :shock: Not to mention about my jackets/coats addiction and clothes!!! thankfully, the shoes and bags fetish haven't grown on me yet. :oops: As soon as I got back to Perth, my sister took me to a market far far away up on a hill!! NO seriously, i'm not making the Disney Princess story up but the market is really on a hill LITERALLY! And the funny thing is, it's only going to be there every first Saturday of the month so yay for that Saturday! There was a stall selling all kinds of fruity flavoured ice and omg it reminds [...]

The Fun after Work

It's only the second week of Uni and I've been a busy busy bee!! AND THE WEATHER IS NOT HELPING WITH IT'S TERRIBLE HEAT!! Where are you my Autumn!!! I'm dying to wear my jackets already and funny thing is, when I packed my luggage in KL, i've always thought that I'm bringing my whole closet from Malaysia but when I'm finding for my pieces of clothing, they're NOT IN THE LUGGAGE!!! Which means I only packed them in my head!!! I'm always thinking of stuffs way ahead in my head and then that's it! IT ONLY HAPPENS IN THE HEAD WTF!!! Back to my fun-after-work posts in Malaysia, it feels really good to be out from work! No more long hours and doing work I didn't like to do. :twisted: :twisted: No more mean bosses MUAHAHAHAHAH!! Such a breather to be out in the afternoon with my favo[...]

First 21

FUHHHHH I managed to unload everything off my luggage this afternoon after 3 weeks of constant procastination! I bet you're going to hate me because the whole main reason I cleaned up my room today was that I'm so desperate to find my $25 gift card so I could buy my long awaited body chain!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: AND AFTER HOURS AND HOURS OF CLEANING *so proud!* I CAN'T FIND MY GIFT CARD ANYWHERE AT ALL!! I even bend down, search under the bed etc to find for it! GAHHH!!! :evil: Anyways!!! After just turning 20 a few months back, it never occurred to me that my friends will be celebrating their 21st birthday so soon because in my head, I JUST TURNED 20! Attending the very first 21st birthday party for the year gives me the boom boom boom feeling because I'm just so excited [...]