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The Fun after Work

It’s only the second week of Uni and I’ve been a busy busy bee!! AND THE WEATHER IS NOT HELPING WITH IT’S TERRIBLE HEAT!! Where are you my Autumn!!! I’m dying to wear my jackets already and funny thing is, when I packed my luggage in KL, i’ve always thought that I’m bringing my whole closet from Malaysia but when I’m finding for my pieces of clothing, they’re NOT IN THE LUGGAGE!!! Which means I only packed them in my head!!! I’m always thinking of stuffs way ahead in my head and then that’s it! IT ONLY HAPPENS IN THE HEAD WTF!!!

Back to my fun-after-work posts in Malaysia, it feels really good to be out from work! No more long hours and doing work I didn’t like to do. :twisted: :twisted: No more mean bosses MUAHAHAHAHAH!! Such a breather to be out in the afternoon with my favourite girls doing nothing but look at pretty boys and girls. Marshy picked Denise and I up and then off we go to Levain Boulangerie!! Famous for their pastries and baked goodies!

I’m going to be biased on this because everyone knows I have a sweet tooth but THAT chocolate-custard in bun was to die for!!! Just how I like it, a perfect sweet ending to every little meal!

Bimbos hahahaha!!

Since I hadn’t been blogging for a long time, i shall let all of you feast on our narcissistic pictures which I’M DAMN SURE YOU WOULD ENJOY!! :roll: Fyi, guys might think that girls take are used to taking flawless pictures with just one trial but in reality, DID YOU KNOW HOW MANY PICTURES WE PAINSTAKINGLY HAVE TO GO THROUGH to get a satisfactory one?!?! Take this for instance!

Tonnes of times before this! Klutzy moments happens all the time!

Like falling down from a chair. :cry:

Just as when you managed to get up, your bracelet gets stuck to the chair WTF!!! :evil: So we really should be given a lot of credit for doing such an excellent job for taking pretty pictures of ourselves!

Swear to God that Chatime serves the best bubble tea I’ve ever tried and I think they must hire my as their ambassador or something because in two months, I’ve bought over 30 drinks!!! :twisted: :twisted: Now that I’ve came back to Perth and tried the bubble teas here, I’m so disappointed that the pearls are not as bouncy bouncy to chew!!! :sad:


MOVING ON, so everybody knows I’m taking the Design Practice Unit this semester as my elective and I’ve been folding Origami like I live in Japan! I must admit that I’m pretty good at this! Who would have thought that I would be folding a rooster, mushrooms or paper dresses! I could make a gift cards out of these! Other than that, I have to come up with designs every week for my fashion workshop!! I have to admit that it’s taking the energy out of me but it’s great because for once, I felt like I want to do my homework just for the fun of it. Which means nooo I’m not doing my other homework eeekkks! :roll:

Just to show you two of my favourite collages that I’ve done so far! The second one gave me terrible backache and a sore finger from all the needle-poking but I really like the end result of it! My dad said he liked the first one better as the second one is showing too much legs HAHAHHAHAHAHA! My mummy claims that he’s very old-fashioned! :razz: But that’s okay, each to his own opinion isn’t it?!?!

PS : So I just found out that the nuclear plant in Japan exploded this morning! :cry: :cry: My prayers goes to all the people in Japan!

PPS : YEAH my drawings have no heads because I suck at drawing heads! :x

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