Monthly archives:April 2011

Denim Jacket

I'm going to change my blog layout soon, I think these colours are all too bright or should I say ugly for me and this blog isn't so much on babblings of a TEENAGER anymore! OMG AM I TURNING OLD? NO! Yes, you just witnessed me talking to myself. Anyways, I still love colours but I'm going to make something out of it so you could keep your toes and fingers waiting while I take my time setting on some changes to this blog. :smile: I finally overcome two hellish papers last week! I swear it made me sweat buckets studying for it but alas, I'm free for a day or two before I have to do my other work that I've magically forgotten about eeekks! Few weeks ago, my bunch of uni friends headed out to satisfy our Dim sum and shopping cravings (again :roll: ) at Dragon Palace in No[...]

Spontaneous Picnic

For TWO separate days, I managed to say NO to a cape coat that I've been searching for so long. On these two days, I managed to try on it and thinking it will be gone by the next day! Note that these two days are a few days apart! BUT NOOOO MY SIZE IS STILL HERE TODAY!! Plus my mum even said I could get it and she would sponsored half because I've been talking and talking about it. Lo and behold, I didn't get it in the end! *breathes a sigh of relief!* I was immensely surprised with my new-found attitude so I decided to gave myself a good pat! AND THE THING IS, I'M THINKING OF BUYING SOME OTHER THINGS TO REWARD MYSELF WTF HAHAHAHAHHA THE IRONY!!! :roll: Last Sunday, I had the longest one hour long walk because I was so desperate to get lace trimmings and Tangled pillowcase[...]