Monthly archives:May 2011

Just the beginning

For two semesters, I've been looking forward to my Fashion Design class so eagerly. I still remembered the first day I stepped into the class during this semester, fearing that I might look like a Commerce student. You know, the Commerce face LOL but everybody was friendly and I managed to blend right in immediately! Anyways, as I've said earlier that I will show you guys, these are the two dresses that I put my hands on to sew for my final assessment! I was proud for awhile because I thought 'hey, this is just my second time and I managed to sew a dress!'. But after the presentation today, I realised that I hadn't pushed or challenged myself hard enough to explore a better design. Oh wells, better not dwell myself in this! Let's get on with my dresses!! For this fir[...]

Lying about Purchases

DON'T JUDGE ME BY THE TITLE!! :razz: I've got so many backdated posts to blog on so I'm doing my best to draft a few posts today so you will know what's been keeping me busy for the last few months! :smile: Anddddd I was supposed to blog during my Easter break but I got so held up by my assignments, I couldn't even have time to go out!!! YES I was so depressing, I stayed at home for 4 days straight so that I could force myself to finish up my work! This is the first dress I've ever ever sewn in my life! Thoughts? For your information, it couldn't fit anyone/NOT EVEN A MANNEQUIN because as I was sewing, it just gets smaller and smaller HHHAHA!! And that's two pages of my Research Portfolio!! :razz: Thank God, the days are passing by so fast that I have a day or t[...]