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Lying about Purchases


I’ve got so many backdated posts to blog on so I’m doing my best to draft a few posts today so you will know what’s been keeping me busy for the last few months! :smile: Anddddd I was supposed to blog during my Easter break but I got so held up by my assignments, I couldn’t even have time to go out!!! YES I was so depressing, I stayed at home for 4 days straight so that I could force myself to finish up my work! This is the first dress I’ve ever ever sewn in my life! Thoughts? For your information, it couldn’t fit anyone/NOT EVEN A MANNEQUIN because as I was sewing, it just gets smaller and smaller HHHAHA!! And that’s two pages of my Research Portfolio!! :razz:

Thank God, the days are passing by so fast that I have a day or two now to take some rest and most importantly blog!! :mrgreen:

Just right before the three of us head back to Australia, we decided to just spend quality time with each other and have lunch at our favourite hang out, Delicious because they serve such amazing fries with yummy aioli!!

Just so you know, a few days earlier I was eagerly calling all the shops available in KL for an asymmetrical top that I wanted so badly and that there is only one piece left in the whole of KL!!! And it’s in the mall my parents didn’t like most(because of the parking mind you), Mid Valley! Being my desperate self, I called up all the friends whom understand my excessive hunger when it comes to shopping to ask if any of them are going to MID VALLEY!! Unfortunately nobody was!! I think it’s a sign from God because that was the day when my dad told me that he’s going to Mid Valley to hand off some things to his client. HALLELUJAH!!! I ran to the stall like it was the end of the world just to so I could secure the top in my hands!

Let me tell you, they’re really not friends for nothing because the first moment I met them, all they asked was ‘SO DID YOU BUY YOUR TOP? :evil: ‘ Knowing that they didn’t know what was the top I was so crazy about, I said noooo just so they could spare me a few evil stares!! But little did they know I was wearing the top to see them! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

What about you? Have any of you lied about what you bought just so you could escape some nagging hehehe?? Because that’s definitely what I do most of the time!! :lol:

By night, it was time for my girls way back from high school!!! :mrgreen: Having Marshy and I being stucked in a jam for an hour definitely got us crazy just like old times. :roll: AND WE SPOTTED A BUS JUST FOR CBN AND ST JOHN!! It’s a shame we didn’t have that when we were still in high school. :sad:

It was a very random outing because halfway through talking, I remembered someone asking, so what’s the point of the meet up today eh? Everybody’s faces was then plastered with blank looks hahahha till someone said NONSENSEEE, MEI YAN’S FLYING TOMORROW!! Then everybody OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-ED!!!!

It’s funny that I’ve got silly friends like them that makes me ticklish in the pit of my stomach. :razz:

That’s what I meant when I tell you that it’s not easy not to laugh at them for being so silly! It’s a good thing that I’m heading back to KL this winter break because I sure can’t wait to see them again!!


PS: After looking back at all those pictures, I realised that I took 3 desserts in a day WTH!!!!

PPS: The other reason that I had to lie about my purchases was that because my dad told me that if he were to know that I bought another top again, he would burn it! :shock:

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