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Just the beginning

For two semesters, I’ve been looking forward to my Fashion Design class so eagerly. I still remembered the first day I stepped into the class during this semester, fearing that I might look like a Commerce student. You know, the Commerce face LOL but everybody was friendly and I managed to blend right in immediately!

Anyways, as I’ve said earlier that I will show you guys, these are the two dresses that I put my hands on to sew for my final assessment! I was proud for awhile because I thought ‘hey, this is just my second time and I managed to sew a dress!’. But after the presentation today, I realised that I hadn’t pushed or challenged myself hard enough to explore a better design. Oh wells, better not dwell myself in this! Let’s get on with my dresses!!

For this first one, I worked around my dress with kaleidoscope as my inspiration!! Bear in mind that the main idea of my unit is combining stripes, checks and florals and we’re tested on to see how well we could incorporate these three prints together into a garment! Wtf I feel like I’m presenting hahahha but OMG DID I TELL YOU!!! For the past two freaking years, all my presentations I’ll force myself to memorized a speech because really, half the time I have no idea what I was presenting for my accounting units. I just copied them from the textbook EEKKs. I’m pretty surprised that for this unit alone, I’ve never bothered preparing a speech in advance and I could speak with confidence and no blabbering around!! *proud moment!* :razz:

You could probably see that it’s a tad loose on me but OHMYGOD I SWEAR, I was so happy when i could fit into the dress! Initially I thought the bust was too big when I put onto mine WTF because I’ve forgotten that mine disappeared along with my weight loss LOL!! That’s why I have long hair now you see, to hide my flat chest!! :roll: :roll: :roll: MOVING ON FROM MY CHEST! Though it looks kind of normal here, I did one hugeeeee mistake and I’ll show you why in the end. :evil:

For my second dress, this was so loose I swear it dropped right off once I put it on me!! Because I have no idea on how to cut the fabric to fit onto my body size perfectly! So the only possible way I could make it stay was by using the waist belt! I screwed up the collars on both dresses though. Okay not just the collar. :roll:

I was kind of aiming for a edgy design but guess I failed miserably at it hohoho!

So yea, please ignore my puffy eyes because it’s the first time I’ve stayed up till 4 in the morning completing my assignments. I look so freakishly old now I don’t think piling tonnes of baby lotion could make me any younger WTH!! For this second dress, I played with different fabrics as you could see, hence the ‘turnn’ so you could see the flow yo! A tad bit high for the slit I guess but MUAHAHHAHA I like!! *hamsap face* :twisted:

So there you have it, my second and third hand sewn dress! Gotta say though that I hadn’t put the best effort into doing this because I was rushing for time and I got tired of unpicking again and again due to my mistakes!!

LIKE THIS ONE OMG! I told you I’ve never stayed up this late, so this is what happens when I sew all of the pieces together. 95% done. THEN I NOTICED OHMYGODWHATTHETOOT, my skirt was sewn on the wrong side!! Now I freaking looked like I’m superman’s wife with a huge red floral panty from the back WTFWTF!!! But one thing I love about design is that, even if it’s not meant to be like this initially, I managed to twist my words and said that it’s my intention to put it this way LOLOLOL!! :roll: (I like how i look way thinner when I take pictures using my iphone!! *roll eyes*)

Before I forget, thank you jiejie for bringing me sweet treats from your high tea!! I really love the lemon meringue nyum nyum nyum! :razz:

PS: Obviously these wouldn’t be the last two sewing projects I have even though I don’t have any classes. I’m keen on challenging myself further and my mummy even asked me to go for sewing classes! That’s a start isn’t it? :smile:

Do you want to know how does my presentation looked like and how these dresses look on the mannequin next? :razz:


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