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I'm supposed to be packing for my flight now which is due in a few hours but look at me, I'm blogging!! *pauses* I just lied to my mum saying that I'm packing. :twisted: Hello again!! Here's another post as promised days ago to keep you entertained!! :mrgreen: This kimono wrap was definitely one of the times where I buy a certain thing without giving a thought. In another words, an impulsive purchase. WHATTTTTTTT? It's on 50% sale! But I didn't regret a single bit because I've worn it so many times as it's light enough and keeps me warm enough from those cold winter breeze. I particularly like the prints on the kimono wrap because it's has a strong oriental influence so I thought of playing around with my outfit to that theme. What do you think of it? [...]

Leaving on a jetplane

So this is a pre-drafted post. As you're reading this now, I'm already in the jetplane/my boyfriend's G6 airplane heading off for a holiday! Be rest assured, I have another post written for you people just in case you miss me while I'm enjoying myself. PS: As much as I try to steer myself away from the colour pink, I can't help it but to look for items in this similar shade when my new favourite colour is FUCHSIA!

Being Vain in Uni

I did mention that we brought many set of clothes but there wasn't enough time to change so in the end, we just changed once HAHAHHAHA!! But this definitely gives us an excuse to have another day like this doesn't it? :roll: Here comes the long awaited post! It sure is a picture heavy post because I'm narcissistic like that. I couldn't really just pick a limited few! And yess, I've worn the dress which was supposedly meant for my 21st Birthday but I just couldn't wait to slip into it! It still is my 21st Birthday Dress!! :evil: Joanne asked me 'Don't we look like we're a bunch of young designers?' and when I took a closer look at this particular picture, I sure think we do! These were the only a few pictures taken in the studio because we were running [...]

Hippo Creek

Me : So we're going to a restaurant called Hypocrite for dinner? :shock: Sister : Yes. Me : But why would anyone would want the word 'Hypocrite' as their name of the restaurant? ARE YOU SURE? :shock: Sister : For the ten thousandth time, YES! :evil: :evil: *bear in mind that this was conversed verbally!* Wow er, that sure explained everything. As you would know, I was as busy as a mermaid from studying two weeks to the extent that my brain was damaged from information overload. Got to say I looked like I was about to hit 30 with my terrible dry skin and eye bags! :roll: And the worse part of it all was that I got so forgetful that I don't even remember if I've wash my face when I did just that 2 minutes before!!! Ugh pardon my haggard looking face [...]

Behind the scenes : Being in a studio for the first time

Now that I'm done with all my papers, I can't even sleep even when it's already 1am!!! < HAHAHHA wtf I wrote this even before I took my first paper BECAUSE bear in mind this was drafted since days ago!! As I'm taking my precious break now, I'm going to tell you my excitement when Joanne and Amelie told me that they've booked a studio in my uni for their photography assignment! Immediately I knew I had to go and be a busy body even though there was a test that week!! (screw test, this one is more important!! :razz:) It was definitely my first time being in this studio and I still clearly remember that I was squealing with excitement inside because we were planning the number of outfits to bring and change so that we could take lots and lots of outfit pictures!! [...]

Sweet & Savoury

Finals is next week and here I am blogging! But this just shows how much I'm trying to keep up to my word of frequent blog posts!! :twisted: :twisted: This was weeks ago but I have to blog on this because if I don't, it would be such a shame not to!!! Thanks to Yin and others, I've got the chance to eat another homemade high-tea!! I still remembered the time when they said they were going to have another high-tea session, my heart was jumping with excitement inside because the spread was so good if you could see from the previous one I had!! As soon as we got to their house, we spotted a menu for the day!! While the others were preparing the food, I went around taking pictures and setting up the table. I was having a hard time setting out the table because[...]