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Sweet & Savoury

Finals is next week and here I am blogging! But this just shows how much I’m trying to keep up to my word of frequent blog posts!! :twisted: :twisted:

This was weeks ago but I have to blog on this because if I don’t, it would be such a shame not to!!! Thanks to Yin and others, I’ve got the chance to eat another homemade high-tea!!

I still remembered the time when they said they were going to have another high-tea session, my heart was jumping with excitement inside because the spread was so good if you could see from the previous one I had!!

As soon as we got to their house, we spotted a menu for the day!! While the others were preparing the food, I went around taking pictures and setting up the table. I was having a hard time setting out the table because I didn’t know how many plates are supposed to be on top of each other or anything hahahhaha epic fail!! I kept throwing questions like ‘HOW MANY PLATES’, or ‘WHICH SIDE’!!! :roll:

I love how the cupboard that stores all the pretty and dainty tea cups looked like!! There was even an exercise book that was being passed down from the last two generations as you could evidently see it from the picture. :razz: I should write a book of nonsense and then pass down to my little bratlings so that they will cry with joyyy!! :roll:

As soon as I’ve laid my eyes on the lobster head, I knew that we were in for a yummy yummy food spread!! I was pretty much grinning widely with a salivating mouth and a growling stomach!!! :razz: And ooohh(!!), that’s Yin and Aaron, our hosts yet again!!

After much poking around and being nosy at what everyone is doing, the food is ready! (YAY!) :mrgreen: First off, here’s the Lobster Tostadas with smoked avocado and salad fresco!! I wasn’t a fan of avocado before this but this salad had changed my perspective on avocado! I love the tangy tomatoes and avocado combination along with the fresh lobster meat all gone in one gulp! Whoopsies, not so lady-like for high-tea!

Knowing that I’m the Goddess of All-Things-Sweet, I’m quite surprised that Lemon Slice was my favourite because I tend to stay away from food which have a sour taste to it but let me say this again. BEST.LEMON.SLICE.EVER! *HINT HINT YIN* :razz: Not missing anything sweet, we had Plum and Vanilla Pannacotta too! While taking a break from food overload/tummy bursting, I proceeded to munch on some Thai spicy cashewnuts to digest. HAHAHA. Yes, I eat more to digest my food. :roll: I remembered everyone asking Yin about where did she bought these moreish snacks from and turns out, she made this herself too!! :oops:

Besides that, Yin laid out more food in front of our eyes!! There are Chocolate mousse cups and Strawberry Macaron too! I love how it resembles tiny potted plants? I hesitated eating it at first because it was too good to look at that I wanted to bring some home and water them so that more chocolate mousse cups would grow then I could pluck the ‘chocolate mousse fruits’ whenever I’m hungry WTH! :roll:

Not forgetting Beef Sambal and Chicken Pistachio Sandwich and boy it was YUMMEHHH!! Did I tell you I’m a bread person? I just had 9 meals consecutively which revolves around BREAD just because I hate RICE! Wah hahhaa am I Asian? :shock:

I really like these three tiered plates and it’s just something about them that makes me squeal whenever I see them! I even have one in my room for my accessories!! :mrgreen:

When it comes to high tea, I think I’m so not lady-like because I fail terribly in etiquette lessons LOL!! There was a tong for everyone to pick their food but I was so hungry, I ended up CHOMPING DOWN food and using hands instead that Yin had to remind us to use the food tong tsk tsk tsk! How to become a lady like that? :razz: :razz:

PS: I’m going to be FREEEEEE next Friday onwards then I’ll be heading back to KL! Sorry for the late blog post though.

PPS: WISH ME LUCK for my finals! :mrgreen:


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