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Hippo Creek

Me : So we’re going to a restaurant called Hypocrite for dinner? :shock:
Sister : Yes.
Me : But why would anyone would want the word ‘Hypocrite’ as their name of the restaurant? ARE YOU SURE? :shock:
Sister : For the ten thousandth time, YES! :evil: :evil:

*bear in mind that this was conversed verbally!*

Wow er, that sure explained everything.

As you would know, I was as busy as a mermaid from studying two weeks to the extent that my brain was damaged from information overload. Got to say I looked like I was about to hit 30 with my terrible dry skin and eye bags! :roll: And the worse part of it all was that I got so forgetful that I don’t even remember if I’ve wash my face when I did just that 2 minutes before!!!

Ugh pardon my haggard looking face because I didn’t think I left the house for days. Yes, I’m that sad. So you cannot compare me with the sister because she pampered herself by doing her hair that day! :evil: You can call her pretty. :mrgreen:

Everyone ate a share of everything but I only took one picture of the one that I least enjoyed among all the other things ordered!! :x I couldn’t forget Beef Tataki and the steak that my brother-in-law ordered because it was so good!! Boy there was so much meat, I felt like I’ve turned carnivorous and I still couldn’t even finish mine even after I’ve tried stuffing myself silly! Coming from a person whom eats steam tofu and boiled veges and baked beans most of the time. :roll:

BUT THAT OF COURSE DIDN’T STOP US FROM HAVING DESSERTS/COFFEE! What’s a meal without sweet endings!?! It’s pretty ironic when I go to a chocolate/churros cafe and I CONSTANTLY order just a cup of Affogato and nothing else. I blame it on the two scoops of vanilla ice-cream that comes with it because all the other cafes only give me one stingy scoop!! :evil:

Pretty sure you would noticed my ‘Gorgeous’ necklace from here and that shows how vain I WAS back then. I got so shy when my sister’s friends asked me about the necklace!! :oops:

There wasn’t many outfit pictures taken for that night because obviously I was worn out heh. So much so that I didn’t noticed that I took a light cardigan while I was heading out when it’s freeezing cold outside! That’s how much of a brain damage that my brain suffered from over the past two weeks. On top of that, wearing those 5 inches of heels definitely wasn’t helping either when we were required to walk from our dinner place to San Churros! Thank God for Yin, we girls get to warm ourselves up in a 5 minutes car ride instead of taking a 15 minutes cold walk in our heels!


I know you were expecting me to post about the pictures taken in Uni, but what’s a teaser when you thought that you’ll get it immediately? :razz:

AND I’LL BE GOING BACK TO KL THIS SATURDAY YAYY!!!! Time to go for my shoppingworkout session before piling on all the weight back home.


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