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J'adore Paris

Melissa : Hello Daddy can I speak to you? Daddy and Mummy : WHY? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BUY AGAIN? Melissa : *giggles like a schoolgirl* They know me too well -.- Please pardon my short absence as I was having the time of my life coughing my lungs out when I got back from my trip! And I've been recuperating in the corner ever since. :cry: Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best trips that I'll keep close to my heart because my daddy had promised to take me to Europe when I was ten and I'll be constantly reminding him of how he didn't keep his promise at the end of every year for a decade. So I could literally say that this is my long awaited trip and I thank you so much for keeping your word and making it happen! :razz: To start with, it was definitel[...]