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J’adore Paris

Melissa : Hello Daddy can I speak to you?
Melissa : *giggles like a schoolgirl*

They know me too well -.-

Please pardon my short absence as I was having the time of my life coughing my lungs out when I got back from my trip! And I’ve been recuperating in the corner ever since. :cry: Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best trips that I’ll keep close to my heart because my daddy had promised to take me to Europe when I was ten and I’ll be constantly reminding him of how he didn’t keep his promise at the end of every year for a decade. So I could literally say that this is my long awaited trip and I thank you so much for keeping your word and making it happen! :razz:

To start with, it was definitely the longest flight that I’ve ever taken but it somehow made me realised that I could really sleep soundly even if it’s in a plane! Anyways, upon arriving in Paris Airport, I decided to change my outfit IN THE AIRPLANE’S TOILET and i thought it was an impossible mission knowing how tiny the space is. I even managed to put on my tights so I think I’m Superwoman!

Skipping all the usual things people go through in an immigration, we’re done and while waiting for the bus, we saw a little bird getting rolled over by a trolley full of luggage and it just happened right BEFORE MY EYES OHMYGOD! So the first thing I thought of was OHMYGOD THIS IS A BAD SIGN instead of POOR BIRDIE. Anyways, I love how everyone have their pooches on a lead walking around because it’s just so exciting to look how these puppies resembles their owner!

Yuuppp that’s right! That’s the very first man that caught my eye on the streets of Paris! *wiggle eyebrows!!* I have to say that I didn’t spend that much time in Paris though, to be more specific, I only have like a few hours? Which I honestly can say that, IT DEFINITELY WASN’T ENOUGH AT ALL! :evil:

One of the reasons to that was due to the heavy traffic in Paris. I hadn’t expected traffic to be this bad especially around Avenue des Champs-Élysée. But I guess that it’s one of the famous tourist area so that explains everything.

We were spared 5 minutes at Arc de Triomphe (better known as Arch of Triumph) and I have to exclaim that I really, REALLY love the intricate details that were beautifully carved onto these buildings and pillars. So much history and beauty being put together and I really love buildings with designs like that. :smile:

Every single spot we stopped at, I would force my daddy to take pictures of my outfit to which he would agree!! :razz: Anyways, while walking towards Louvre Pyramid, the iron grills along the street seems somewhat familiar to me because as an avid follower of random fashion blogs and pictures on tumblr, I would always ALWAYS see iron grills in those common street style pictures!

After much walking, I thank Heaven that we were then whisked off for lunch at Chef Edouard’s! The waiters doesn’t just look yummy but they sound even better when they speak mandarin! That reminds me of this video which I just watched the other day HAHAHA!! Anyways, I was quite impressed with the choices given because we were being spoilt with I’m guessing chicken(?) pâté, juicy escargots, duck confit and apple tarte tartin to finish off and I surprised myself when I could finished all of them single-handed! :shock:

Finally, I spotted a cute red Vespa parked by the roadside!! I knew that the owner was sitting at one of the tables just right opposite but I pushed my pride aside to take pictures with it shamelessly because HELLOOO, you can hardly find one in Australia or Malaysia!!

Then off I went on a boat ride with the new found Parisian boyfriend HAHAHAHHAHAA ! :razz: Anyways, there was a point when it comes to a spot where I noticed these police officers on the speedboat and walking around in their uhm BLACK DIVING SUIT? I nudged my sister and told her that it looked like as if they just walked out from an action-packed movie. :???:

But really, I love the last picture here though I must admit that I hadn’t been able to capture their emotions at a close range but I enjoy looking at this picture tremendously because of the way they smile at each other and you could tell that they are having a good time just talking by the river! Friends or not friends, it’s the warmth they’re giving and that makes me misses my friends and family dearly!

As we only get to spend a day in Paris and without much time left, the only place left to go was Eiffel Tower when it comes to sight seeing. However, due to the VERY VERY BAD TRAFFIC, the woman who acted as our tourguide told us something that nobody wants to hear.

All I could hear was YOU.MIGHT.NOT.HAVE.TIME.TO.SHOP’.

Then it seems like the end of the world, not because I couldn’t resist the shopping beast inside me but my brother in law started to mumble repeatedly saying ‘I don’t care, I want to shop. I don’t care if we don’t go to the Eiffel Tower!’.

When he mentioned those words, I got so worried because it was bad enough that I hadn’t gone up to the Great Wall of China regardless of me going to China a few times. So I didn’t want to come all the way to Paris and not go to Eiffel Tower!! Till this day, the ‘Great Wall of China’ incident is one of the things that I didn’t want to think or talk about!

Luck was on our side however, we got to go up to Eiffel Tower in the end! *throws confetti!* :mrgreen: The view was just spectacular from where I was!

Lastly, it was then time for shopping at the prestigious Galeries Lafayette! You see that picture on that bus? My mummy saw it at the airport earlier and told me that I should buy that ‘headband’ because i would be crazy enough to carry that on my head HAHAHAHAH! Obviously my instinctive reaction was to give her the -.- face but secretly, I wished that I do have that LOL! Jokes aside, I really love that girl I saw from the coat she was wearing to her boots. And I love how that man’s pants matches the pedestrian traffic light. :razz:

It definitely felt like I’ve signed up for an amazing race competition because of the time limit we were given to buy everything in one place. To be more specific we only had 50 minutes to do our shopping. To make things more boom boom pow, it was one of the largest malls with the best brands inside. I have to say that I dislike being rushed when I’m trying to take in my surroundings both visually and emotionally but hey no complains because after all, this is a tour! But I did add one bag in one of my latest favourite colour to my collection which I will show you very soon! Though on the bad side, by the time I tried on the clothes I wanted to buy, there just wasn’t enough time for me to pay so I was quite devastated at the same time!

Anyways outfit time!

As I was in Paris, I’ve decided to wear something taking a slight influence from the Parisians’ style. Honestly, I love this combination so much because it is so comfortable to wear in at the same time especially when you’re on a holiday. What do you guys think? :smile:

Sequins and Grosgrain Ribbons Jacket from Topshop
Tulip Print High Waisted Shorts from Topshop
Black Pleated Tank Top from Kookai
Accessories from Lovisa and Diva
Heart Pendant with Necklace from Dearest Mummy
Longchamp bag borrowed from Mummy


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