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I’m having mixed emotions today because of my weird encounter with a stranger at the train station. So there I was minding my own business, with my earphones on playing the list of songs fro mmy phone while people watching, THIS MAN on my left raised his voice a few times to say hello to me.

Now of course, any sane person like me wouldn’t answer to the first few hellos because I’ve always smiled or waved at people whom I think was saying Hello to me, but really it was to the person behind me. Hence, I ignored him, thinking that he wasn’t calling out to me! Not giving up, he waved his hand over just inches away from my face, that I could literally feel the wind caused by his hand movements. We ended up talking about Angry Birds WTF because he assumed I was playing that game on my phone. So I wasn’t very keen on talking to him because I’m sorry, his pronunciation wasn’t very clear from the first place due to his Arabic accent so I tried to break off the conversation by putting my earphones back.



ANYWAYS, after a hectic schedule in Paris on the first day, all we did on the second day was just travelling across the country to Switzerland. I was a little down at first when I see itinerary list for the day as there was probably two things at most. But at the same time, I was quietly looking forward to Switzerland because my parents had always been telling me how wonderful it is whenever I ask them about their Europe trip decades ago.

But boy oh boy it sure was another gloomy day as it was drizzling for quite a bit during our whole journey.

It was pretty chilly and helll I was freezing in my sheer top! Of course I didn’t want to admit that in front of my family or they would reprimand me for wearing something so thin! :razz: I’ve always remembered seeing the newly advertised Kinder Bueno White in every magazines I read, so when I finally see it being sold at one of the snack stores, I stole my mummy’s money to pamper myself with Kinder Bueno. I have to say though that I still prefer the milk chocolate. Guess I’m just not used to eating white chocolate! :roll: Halfway through our journey, we spotted a castle on my left and doesn’t that just reminds you of the castle in Super Mario when we play as a kid?!?! :grin:

Midway through to Switzerland, we’ve made a short detour to a quaint town known as Beaune to spend a little bit of my dad’s money LOL time. As soon as we made our entrance, I could feel the peace radiating from the town already without even having to get down from the bus yet!

We were given the privilege to have our own lunch so relying on our instincts sense of smell, we went around sniffing and spotting for the cafe with the most patrons! While walking along the streets, there it was, the smell of grilled sandwiches and the sound of a busy restaurant serving its customers with a variety of mouth-watering food, we knew that restaurant would be THE ONE.

As everything was mostly written in French, thankfully the names were quiet similar to English and with the help of a pretty girl whom served our table that afternoon, we managed to pick our lunch without any problem and I dare say, this was one of the best meals I’ve ever had on my Europe trip. Though the simplicity, each dish was perfectly prepared! :smile:

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is by filling up his tummy! So as cunning as I can be, seemingly that my Dad was happy, I went up to him and asked him if he could buy me a pair of red loafers from that a random shoe shop! One must not be afraid to take chances and go further! So there I was, pushing more buttons HAHAHAHHAA, I asked my dad if I could get a box of macarons! :razz:

I must say that not that I’ve tasted a lot of macarons but I could tell that these ones were good!! I was keen on buying more pastries because honestly, I’m a sucker for all things sweet but I sternly reminded myself that no, I wouldn’t be able to finish them! Although it’s just a small pastry store from a quaint town, P√Ętisserie Wagner does wonders with their selection of pastries and desserts!

After spending a good two hours in Beaune, it’s non-stop travelling to Switzerland! As soon as we arrived, we were famished by then so we had dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel called Penthouse. The meat was absolutely juicy and even more flavourful when it’s combined with creamy mushroom sauce! Funny thing was, it was already close to 9 and it was as bright as ever outside!!! So my parents and I took a brief walk outside the hotel just across the street to have a look at these colourful watches because they were so eye-catching from afar when I walked into the hotel earlier! Wished I could have a box of these beauties!! :razz:

Moving on to outfit pictures!

What I love about this top is it’s capelet collar because I guess somehow, having something over my shoulders makes me feel protected in a way hahaha! That’s why you see, superheroes have capes! And I’ve been buying these kind of tights because I love the idea of knee length socks but not so much of the socks itself because it tends to slide down as I walk, whereas these tights gives the illusion of you wearing a knee length socks and you need not have to worry of it sliding down your legs(!!) and having to pull it up over time and again. I’ve gotten so many questions whenever I wear these out because strangers would always come up to me and ask if those heart shapes were my tattoo! I think I’ll die if I put a tattoo on my thighs because as you all know, I’m highly intolerant to pain!!

Sheer Blouse with Pleated Capelet Collar from Topshop
Black Cuffed Shorts from Zara
Tights from Topshop
Accessories from random silver shop and Diva
Heart Pendant with Necklace from Dearest Mummy
Longchamp bag borrowed from Mummy

PS : Yes, I brought Minnie along with me for my entire Europe trip!! :mrgreen:


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