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Fur for Truffle Festival

Just a week ago, I attended my very first food festival in Perth after all these years! For this one, it was all about truffles, truffles and more truffles!

Going with the rhyme, so I thought this would be a great time for me to wear my faux fur gilet! My precious precious fur vest. The desperate things I would do to get hold of this treasure of mine! I’ve always asked my friends if they have any desperate shopping stories to share just so I wouldn’t feel so alone hehe but it seems like I have too many it’s not even funny! :roll:

As soon as we got there, the rain was pouring so badly with strong cold winds, I was beyond freezing!! But as the weather tends to have its own PMS, it was all sunny minutes later. :roll: So Thank God for that. We were greeted by Jean Pierre Sancho’s tent and the first thing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was their truffle macaron! Tastewise, it was okay but I didn’t really like the texture of it though as I find it a tad bit dry. :sad:

Walking deeper into the festival, there were a whole lot more stalls offering a variety of food. There was a long queue at the Truffle and Mushrooms stalls especially and the grilled mushrooms smelt soooooo good! It was definitely one of the juiciest and tastiest mushroom I’ve ever tasted! Boy they were big juicy juicy mushrooms! :razz: It was my first time eating mushrooms this way cause usually, I’m perfectly satisfied with a mushroom omelette!

Saw a bunch of old ladies in the middle of nowhere and thought it was funny to imitate them! :lol:

After awhile, we were on a street filled with food vendors and the aroma of food being cooked by each stall was just too good to ignore! So everyone bought different food so that everyone could have a taste out of everything! We’ve got Fish and Chips with Truffle Mayonnaise, Truffled Potato Croquettes, and Gnocchi Ravioli with Mushrooms and Truffle from Inconte. I love the truffle mayonnaise so much because I found myself constantly dipping away with it! We even shared a Truffled Moonmeat Burger from Mondo Butchers and Crispy RABBIT and Truffle spring rolls! YES, I ate a rabbit eeekkks!! It was soft and tender I have to say but I felt like as though I was eating a pet dog! :shock: But the weirdest bit of the day was the chicken and truffle flavoured Ice-cream! There wasn’t any taste of chicken in it though but it was definitely an amazing treat!

You can tell by the end that I was very, very truffle-fied.

As we started our day earlier in the day, we’ve noticed that there was a tent promoting Tourism Malaysia specifically and it was funny because there’s no other countries promoting themselves and I thought I was in a Truffle Festival! But then again, I’m glad it was there as I’ve got to attend Chef Wan’s cooking session hahahaha! Ohmygod he is one of the horniest man I’ve ever known because he constantly talks to us about dirty jokes! (not that I don’t enjoy *coughs coughs!* :roll: )

I loved the session so much because it was also my first time trying out the Malay’s porridge that is always being served during Hari Raya? Correct me if I’m wrong! Other than that, he even cooked lamb rendang? I don’t know what is it called in Malay gosh but the meat was so tender and well marinated!! *shyy* :oops:

That day, this was the outfit that got me freezing like a mad scrawny chicken! But hey, no pain no gain! :twisted:

Faux Fur Gilet with a leather strap beltfrom Forever New
Navy Blue with White Stripes Tunic from Uniqlo
Red Loafers from Random Shop in Beaune
Accessories from Diva
Heart Pendant with Necklace from Dearest Mummy
Alexander Wang Rocco Bag


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