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Day 3 in Lucerne

For our third day, woke up to a beautiful morning sunshine which I’m eternally grateful for because it has been raining for the past two days! In my entire trip, I must say that Lucerne is one city that I came to love a lot. It’s so pretty in terms of scenery and I would want to live here when I’m old!!!

Have you ever guys been torn on what to have for breakfast because the spread is soo mouth tantalizing!! So that explains the cereal (OH.MY.GOD, the best cereals I’ve taken because I’ve added walnuts and honey nuts inside!!) and the other plate meh hehe. I’m supposed to eat like a king for breakfast right!?

What I love about travelling is that we cover a whole lot of distance by foot so that’s definitely some great exercise! We walked from our hotel to the iconic wooden Chapel Bridge for about 10 minutes. The view was absolutely breathtaking after crossing the bridge as we’ve managed to catch a glimpse of the mountain and the lake was filled with pretty swans and ducks! Okay, I know that you can only see ONE swan in this picture but I swear that there was at least 15 of them!

I swear to God I’m addicted to all the pedestrian traffic buttons because I seem to have a picture of each in every country I go to wth! And don’t you think this particular one looked like it’s taken over by human-eating robots or something. :x I’ve managed to buy two watches while I was in Switzerland and they were spectacular! I’ve always wanted a black one but I guess my skin doesn’t go with black watches so I got a white one instead along with a Fluorescent Neon Green watch with silicon strap(not pictured)! It was such a delight to touch the silicon material. So nice to smell too! :razz:

Even though it’s freezing, that doesn’t stop me from getting a cone of ice-cream from the famous Ice-cream store! They sell macarons with ice-cream fillings too! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get them though cause I still hadn’t finish my box of macarons from the day before. Camwhore Fail! :evil:

We then proceeded to the Lion Monument and to manage to get some cuckoo clocks magnets from a quaint little corner store. But I guess the shopaholic character got the better of me because I ended up buying mouse pads with cows on them too LOL! :lol:

After spending a wonderful time on sight-seeing and getting some souvenirs, we went up to Mount Titlis by taking a cable car. It was approximately an hour just being inside the cable car. Throughout the entire time, we could hear the bells hanging on the cows’ neck jingling dingling doo! We had cheese fondue for lunch along with other dishes as well but I didn’t want to stuff myself silly as we knew that we were going to take a stroll along the snow covered mountain!

Just as the moment we stepped out, it was snowing heavily for a few minutes! DURING SUMMER! It definitely was one hell of a magical moment at the top of that mountain. My family and I held our hands together to walk because we were so not equipped with clothes that are meant for snow! I fell halfway and all they did was take continuous shots of me while laughing and nobody even bothered to help me up!!! :evil: The most amusing thing I saw while walking was that an Indian lady was walking in her SAREE while it’s snowing!!! :shock: To think that I’m already freezing in my winter coat!! But that’s not it, there was another couple who were pushing their baby pram on the snow. ON THE SNOW! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: It didn’t move an inch of course cause the wheel was rolling at the same spot. :roll:

Everyone went back into the cafe in less than 10 minutes and you could tell that I wasn’t very happy and satisfied with that as we still have an hour or so more before we could get back down! So i waited for my dad to have his ice-cream (look whose the kiddy one now :razz: ) before he could take me out to play in the snow again! :evil:


As soon as we got down, we spotted two local kids selling fresh cherries by the roadside. The small boy kept cycling back and forth from his house to pluck more cherries when a swarm of Chinese tourist surrounded them! While waiting for them to buy their cherries, there was an exchange of conversation between the girl and a Chinese woman who doesn’t know how to converse in English, and so she turned to me. That’s when all the monkey signs came out. Knowing how I’m a complete idiot in Mandarin, I just waved my hand around leaning back and forth, rolling my eyes mumbling ‘I don’t know what is she talking about!’ because I can’t translate anything at all! :x But we did get our hands on two bags of cherries and they the sweetest ones that I’ve ever tasted! :razz:

That’s one thing when you played in the snow, you’ll definitely get gross and tangled hair soon after! Spending the afternoon surrounded by snow was more than I could ever ask for. We went back to the city after that to have a walk around CLOSED SHOPS because it was a Catholic holiday!!!! SO YES, two days in Lucerne and STILL NO SHOPPING FOR ME YET! There I was, sulking in front of stores when their display windows are filled with pretty clothes. :cry:

I love walking around the streets in Lucerne, the shops, the cafes tucked in the middle of the roads, random painting of a banana on the wall and the swans swaying idly to the water currents in the lake. Everything was just picture perfect with the amazing view of the mountain under the blue sky. I could live here thinking to myself as it’s one of the cities that I love so much. :grin:

That day I was wearing:
Pale Pink Belted Cape Coat from Forever New
Off-White Long Sleeve Top with half sheer sleeve from Kookai
Fringed Boots from a random shoe shop in Perth
Flower Garland and Cameo Bracelet with ‘Pearls’ from Diva
Accessories from Topshop and Thomas Sabo


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