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Day 4 at Heidelberg

Helloooo! So I hadn't been blogging cause I'm so addicted to Sims on Facebook that I've neglected my blog has been undergoing some system upgrade and changing of servers. Anyways, it'll be my first shift participating in the Perth Fashion Festival tomorrow so wish me luck! If i may, I will take some backstage photos for you guys to see. I'm just too excited being able to work as a dresser for prestigious designers in this coming week!!! Plus, multicultural week is kicking off on this coming Monday so it's going to be a busy week! :mrgreen: I've still got much to talk about my Europe trip and I'm only halfway through Day 4!! Continuing my trip from Lucerne, we departed on bus to Germany. On the way to Germany itself, we stopped by a scenic spot which overlooks one of the lo[...]