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Day 4 at Heidelberg

Helloooo! So I hadn’t been blogging cause I’m so addicted to Sims on Facebook that I’ve neglected my blog has been undergoing some system upgrade and changing of servers.

Anyways, it’ll be my first shift participating in the Perth Fashion Festival tomorrow so wish me luck! If i may, I will take some backstage photos for you guys to see. I’m just too excited being able to work as a dresser for prestigious designers in this coming week!!!

Plus, multicultural week is kicking off on this coming Monday so it’s going to be a busy week! :mrgreen:

I’ve still got much to talk about my Europe trip and I’m only halfway through Day 4!! Continuing my trip from Lucerne, we departed on bus to Germany. On the way to Germany itself, we stopped by a scenic spot which overlooks one of the longest rivers in Europe, Rhine River. I was greeted with the most spectacular view of the river itself. It was definitely cloudy alright, but thankfully there wasn’t any rain pouring down when we were there.

I opted for a day dress as I know that I would be doing a lot of walking throughout the entire day. But in order to keep it casual, I took my leather belt which came with a fur vest and tied a little bow at the back instead to give my outfit a cute surprise when I take down my jacket. :grin:

We then travelled across the vast fields and passing by the Black Forest to arrive at a little small town in Germany. It was definitely a quaint and lovely town with quite a number of people in it. Our German lunch of pork knuckle and pork sausages was served in a restaurant located in Drubba, a cuckoo clock factory shop! :mrgreen: On a side note, you can probably tell that I’m currently obsessed with dalmation and their lovely dalmation prints! One dalmation fur coat away and I’m straight to Cruella DeVil. :evil:

Of course, certainly we would be able to experience a German lunch consisting for pork sausages, pork knuckles, sauerkraut and some fries. It was weird though that there was rice on it! The waitress who served us sure have some great strength on her pair of arms as she managed to hold onto so many pints of beer at one go as though they are as light as feathers!! :shock: And since Blackforest cake originated from this part of Europe, we’ve got the chance to taste a piece of cake each! In my opinion, there was too much alcohol in it though so much so that it’s overpowering which completely destroy the cake as a whole for me. :???:

Just right after our hearty lunch, we then proceeded to a demonstration on how cuckoo clocks are made!! I know how cuckoo clocks are made of wood traditionally but I couldn’t help it but to fall in love with that plastic one! Simply just too unique on its own!

There were definitely lots of families walking around, bringing their dogs with them as well. Almost everyone has a dog walking with them in this town and how I just wish that I could do the same in Malaysia as well. :sad: Anyway, on that day itself, there was a massive band and stalls set up like as though there was a festival going on so it was truly an amazing experience. Not to forget the wonderful lake overlooking the Black Forest (if I’m not mistaken that should be it!). We didn’t stay here for long though as we were supposed to continue our journey to Heidelberg.

My Judas Dance Crew baby!

I just love how the rays are passing through the clouds in this particular picture.

It irks me that we are having so many Chinese dinners in this trip alone when we can try what the locals have to offer!! So we had our meal at this Chinese restaurant and please don’t laugh at the monkey’s butt and it’s toot. Just didn’t expected the person who made this to go into such detail! It wasn’t intentional!! :twisted:

I love how there’s palace in the most random places. I’ve seen so many palaces in this trip it’s not even funny! They all remind me of the Super Mario’s palace naturally.

There wasn’t much to buy in Heidelberg but I dare say that there were definitely many interesting things to see. The atmosphere in the small town market area was very relaxing with many alfresco cafes and mostly all of them are being almost full! And of course, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t visit the Hard Rock cafe in Heidelberg itself. ;-)

That day I was wearing:
Pink Ruffled Dress from Ying & Yang
Neon Green Watch from Swatch
Fringed Boots from a random shoe shop in Perth
Accessories from Lovisa

PS : On a side note, I’ve been watching this video every night without fail because I personally think it’s so funny!! Lanvin campaign ads always get me hooked!! SHUSHH I know mostly everyone has watched it but I just couldn’t help posting it!


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