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Perth Fashion Festival 2011

Recently, I've got the chance to partake in the Perth Fashion Festival as a Style Envoy! I've been wanting to join since last year but it was too late for me to sign up last year so I didn't waste a minute of time when I got to know the registration for volunteers are open! As I trembled my way through the interview, I was lucky to be picked out as the Back-Of-House Dresser for a few shows so it was absolutely great fun for the whole week! For my first night, I was scheduled to work for WA Designers and Ae'lkemi shows. Being my very first time and apparently the biggest show so far for Perth Fashion Festival Week, I could literally pee in my pants as I'm so worried that I'll mess up and not being able to get the models out in time!! True to my expectation, I did screw up for on[...]