Monthly archives:November 2011


After getting a good night rest from the night before, it was a full day out in Holland visiting cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We headed to a diamond factory for the first thing in the morning because nothing wakes you up better than having diamonds in your hands! The Gassan Diamond Factory is made up of a few floors. Each room I walk past in the factory, they looked like laboratory rooms meant for chemical scientists that you would commonly find in the movies! But of course, it's filled with diamond experts instead. :smile: Doesn't this just looked like a scene stripped right off a milk advertisement?! I would always think that I could only see this in New Zealand but apparently that's not the case because there are more sheeps there! So,[...]

Wedding Bells

One of the reasons why I flew back to Malaysia in such a hurry right after my finals was partly due to my lovely cousin's brother wedding! It has been a long time since a wedding took place in my family and I hadn't been to a wedding ceremony for a long time! It was held on the morning after the day I arrived so technically I only had a few hours of sleep so hopefully I didn't look too tired!! There wasn't much to do so I was basically there to eat all the lovely buffet spread prepared by my aunt. I felt like I had gone up to food heaven because I was Malaysian-food deprived for so long so it was gobbling non-stop and chomping madness like it was an eating competition WTF! :roll: All the decorations down to every single detail was done [...]

Day 5 around Germany

I hadn't been blogging for a month and this makes me feel like a sluggg!! I've actually had this post lying in my drafts for a really long time because I've been working REALLY HARD on my studies enjoying my trip back home too much with food showers. Therefore, while my brain is on a long break, I'm just going to use every ounce of energy I have left in me to write up on my Europe trip! So I was still around in Germany in Day 5 and it was tiring because we're moving from one country to another everyday! I certainly felt like a Nomad! :mrgreen: Nothing spells a good breakfast without a warm cup of english breakfast tea on a cold and gloomy day! We were taken to a tiny town to catch the ferry to Cologne, Germany. But there was an hour till the ferry came, so we walked b[...]