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Day 5 around Germany

I hadn’t been blogging for a month and this makes me feel like a sluggg!! I’ve actually had this post lying in my drafts for a really long time because I’ve been working REALLY HARD on my studies enjoying my trip back home too much with food showers.

Therefore, while my brain is on a long break, I’m just going to use every ounce of energy I have left in me to write up on my Europe trip! So I was still around in Germany in Day 5 and it was tiring because we’re moving from one country to another everyday! I certainly felt like a Nomad! :mrgreen:

Nothing spells a good breakfast without a warm cup of english breakfast tea on a cold and gloomy day! We were taken to a tiny town to catch the ferry to Cologne, Germany. But there was an hour till the ferry came, so we walked briefly around the town to check out the quaint little shops.

It was kind of freaky as I were taking pictures of these houses as I’m not too sure if the residents are watching me as I take or is the building being occupied because it’s REALLY REALLY quiet around there!! If i were to stay inside, I’m pretty sure you could hear me talking from miles away man!

I bursted out laughing when I set my eyes on these. Clearly depicts everyone in the society hey and it seems like something I could get off 9gag! OHMYGOD, did I tell you that is my latest obsession? I used to

The walls were filled with graffiti and paint sprays, though some might find it annoying and call it vandalism, and though it looked a tad bit messy here, I kinda liked how it looked when I was in the tunnel with the dim light coming in from the end of the tunnel! :smile:

FOR THE ENTIRE DAY, SHE’S BEEN POPPING OUT FROM BEHIND if you hadn’t noticed this already!! :evil:

It was a very serene place indeed as there was nothing around besides the small boat stop and a few houses lined up along the river! Hopped onto the boat once it has arrived and it was a 30 minute long boat ride with nothing but great views of the natural landscapes on both sides.

Another castle in sight and it sure was one hell of a windy day that time! I couldn’t even take a proper self shot without having hair on my face pfft!

So many ducklings by the river! I was obviously sighing in awe till my dad expressed how yummy they will taste like! :twisted: Yummmmehhh.

Oh yeah. We’re bad.

The tiled picture clearly shows the river that we’ve travelled along on our boat ride. :grin: Now everywhere that I headed to, there’s always a small fridge selling those mini tubs of Ben & Jerry’s and for my entire trip, I promised to myself that I would at least taste one of these little devils but time and time and again I’ll always end up being too bloated to stuff another toothpick down my throat. Hence, there goes my chance of eating it at a halved price compared to the ones selling in Malaysia!

Now now, there wasn’t many pictures taken while I was in Cologne as I was deprived from shopping excursions for the first few days of my Europe trip when honestly(truly!), my entire existence was focused solely on shopping itself. I was spending an hour of my given two hours in the cathedral thinking yuppp, the tourguide gave us two hours to walk around this snapping pictures. Could you have imagined the moment when my eyes laid onto a girl’s shopping bag labelled with ‘H&M’ across it? I went bananas because at that time, I was really hoping to get my hands onto a banana collection swimwear. It was a tough hour juggling between holding an umbrella to protect myself from the heavy drizzle and another hand balanced with shopping bags. Not to mention, there were an army of people on the streets! Ahhhh such memories. :roll:

Didn’t do much that night besides having supper in our hotel bar. The hot chocolate was simply delicious and there was an additional small block of chocolate for me to add in when the drink itself is chocolatey enough on its own already! It wasn’t a really long day filled with many activities so there wasn’t really any outfit pictures as it was a day just in comfortable clothes. I just can’t wait to write on my next few posts! :twisted:


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