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Wedding Bells

One of the reasons why I flew back to Malaysia in such a hurry right after my finals was partly due to my lovely cousin’s brother wedding! It has been a long time since a wedding took place in my family and I hadn’t been to a wedding ceremony for a long time!

It was held on the morning after the day I arrived so technically I only had a few hours of sleep so hopefully I didn’t look too tired!! There wasn’t much to do so I was basically there to eat all the lovely buffet spread prepared by my aunt. I felt like I had gone up to food heaven because I was Malaysian-food deprived for so long so it was gobbling non-stop and chomping madness like it was an eating competition WTF! :roll:

All the decorations down to every single detail was done by the groom’s sister/my cousin sister! I really liked the christmas tree concept but it’s hanged with wedding/love related ornaments instead such as salt and pepper bottles! Being cousins, we shamelessly took this back when she casually said that we could take some things on the tree back. Who would have known that everyone in the family would at least take a single thing! I admit that I even took a hanger!! HAHAHAHAH WHAT? It’s printed with pink polka dots all over it! HAHAHHA FAMILY -nobody knows any shame when it comes to the family. :lol:

Seeing how it’s going to be such a hot and humid like any other day in Malaysia, I opted for something casual yet airy to maximise comfort without sacrificing on the stylish factor. :razz: I’ve gotten this neon yellow pleated mermaid skirt from Azorias long ago and I thought, this could be just the perfect occasion to wear it along with my cotton ‘denim’ shirt!

Knowing I’m such an accessories kind of girl, I’m pretty obsessed with sharp and spiky things lately so it’s no surprise that you’re seeing me in this spiky necklace. Gives me a new level of attitude along with my latest haircut that I got myself right before the wedding dinner itself!

I really liked Sandy’s wedding dress that night as it really reminds me of 20s! The feather head clip to crystals and beads dangling from her sleeves, everything including the wedding was absolutely beautiful. :grin:

The dinner was held on the next day instead so there was plenty of time to get ready hahaha! Being cousins, we were given tasks to help decorate the place with balloons and leading the guests to their respective tables.

What do you think of this dress that I’ve designed myself? You could tell that I’m really liking the asymmetry trend and I really love how this dress conveys a hint of mystery from the see through chiffon.

Felt like Katy Perry that night with my new partly shaved head, blue streaks of hair ends, a soft gradient green dress along with a pair of high platform heels with a pink plastic heel at the back!

I really enjoy weddings, especially the ones from my close family ties because it’s such an amazing joy to be able to meet everyone all in one night. For years, all of us cousins hadn’t been together as everyone’s very well all over the world so I’m really glad we could sit down together and enjoy a lovely meal together! :smile:

For my first outfit I was wearing:
Cotton Denim Top from Dotti
Neon Yellow Pleated Mermaid Skirt from Azorias
Balenciaga Clutch
Spiky Necklace from Lovisa
Neon Green Watch from Swatch
Black Chiffon Wedges from Topshop

As for my second outfit I was wearing:
Gradient Green Chiffon Dress designed by me
Gold Collar Necklace from Lovisa
Platform Heels from Topshop


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