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After getting a good night rest from the night before, it was a full day out in Holland visiting cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

We headed to a diamond factory for the first thing in the morning because nothing wakes you up better than having diamonds in your hands!

The Gassan Diamond Factory is made up of a few floors. Each room I walk past in the factory, they looked like laboratory rooms meant for chemical scientists that you would commonly find in the movies! But of course, it’s filled with diamond experts instead. :smile:

Doesn’t this just looked like a scene stripped right off a milk advertisement?! I would always think that I could only see this in New Zealand but apparently that’s not the case because there are more sheeps there! So, really this is such a bizarre thing to see and not long after, we saw a cow grazing on grass and shitting simultaneously yuckkk! :evil:

For women, after diamonds, then comes shoes. Headed to a tiny hut by the country where they make wooden clogs and we were given a demonstration on how clogs are made. Technology and machines do play a big transition as a pair of wooden clogs could be made in seconds using machine whereas if he were to carve himself, it would probably take a week to complete a pair if I’m not wrong! (he said this in June!! so I’m trying my very best to remember :razz: )

Helllloooo pretty little pony!! =DDDDDD


Just right across, it was a hut making cheese!!! Before I could even enter the building, there’s a lingering aroma of the pungent cheese. Having tried all their cheeses, it was no surprise that the smoky cheese was everyone’s favourite!

The lady welcoming us was dressed in their traditional costume and by now, you could really tell that I’m really dressed for the occasion HAHHAHAHAHAA!!! Heyyy, I’m just blending in with the locals. :razz: Another reason would be that I really wanted to play around with long pleated skirts back in June so what do you think of this combination? :smile:

Right after, we then went off for Rotterdam, a place where it’s 7 metres below sea level so it’s reallly prone to flood! As you could see from the first picture, the sea is actually right behind that grassy hill!! Freaking saw a shark-like fin and I have no idea if it’s real or not as it was just floating around WTF!!!

The roads heading towards the small town were really narrow that it could only fit one vehicle at a time, so there was a bit of a traffic slow down from there when I was starving like an elephant!! :evil:

Finger food stalls were everywhere, and it seems that fish and chips are really common here. Okay, more like almost every stall is selling fried fish fillets, seafood and chips AND ICE-CREAM.(to which I’m not complaining considering I had two scoops after lunch hohoho!)

I know the picture of my lunch doesn’t look the least bit appetising but it was alright and when you’re hungry, every taste bud in your mouth definitely died a little. :roll:

Even on a weekday, the town seems to be filled with a parade all day long!! There were little girls all being dressed up in pretty frocks for a competition and a group of men playing a set of instruments repetitively till there are countless times of moments of deafness as nobody can hear what the other person is talking no matter how loud you shout wth!!

Aside from the crowded streets, the streets are filled with souvenir stalls, pubs and finger food stalls. We decided to sit by the dock and watch the locals interacting with their pet dogs in their boats which is rather amusing, really.

As there were a lot of places to be seen, we quickly departed to our next destination – The Windmills of Holland. From a distance away, you could probably already spot the row of windmills.

It was quite a huge place to walk around in as it’s not just windmills alone, there was another cheese and chocolate factory in it and a small farm too!

As for our last destination, we did a little small boat tour around Amsterdam seeing how most people live in boathouses. It’s really nice to see how people would turn these small boats into a small cosy home for themselves and how each boat would be different from each other in their sense of style alone.

Then it was the famous Red Light District!! OMFG there’s even an old woman and when the curtain’s closed, you can’t help but to imagine nasty things hahahahha wtf!!! But everything is just so surreal as I wouldn’t have imagined that I would see real pimp daddy on the streets yoooo!

For my outfit I was wearing:
Lace Cropped Top from Topshop
Midi Pleated Skirt from Azorias
Longchamp Bag borrowed from Mummy
Leather Strap Belt from Forever New
Accessories from Lovisa and Diva
Chanel inspired Flats from Vincci


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