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Twenty One in 2011

Whenever the year end creeps into everyone’s lives slowly, I will cringe slightly at the thought of my birthday as I really didn’t like the number that tells how I should behave but I guess it all depends on an individual’s judgement! :smile: Buttttt I guess 21 isn’t such a bad thing, since all your presents will be tripled or quadrupled *wishful thinking!*. :twisted:

For this year, I’m really grateful that my parents took the initiative to plan out a birthday party for me and even going the extra mile by giving me a key pendant necklace for my birthday present. Though it might seem clich√© to some, it represents something more special than anything that anyone could ask for and for me, it is just so amazing and lucky that my parents got me this. :smile: I hadn’t had a party since I was 12 so could you imagine how nervous I was?!

On another thought, how did you like my pink lipstick? I used to hate the thought of having lipstick on my lips as I think it was suffocating in some ways but as I got older, I’m starting to appreciate the colours. Pfffttt so much for swearing that I will never ever buy lipsticks when I was younger. Look whose collecting now hahahahahha wtf!! Signs of growing up to be a young lady hey!?

It was finally time to wear the dress that I’ve bought for myself a year ago for my 21st Birthday party!! :razz: It’s the first ever designer collaboration piece that I’ve gotten for myself and the ruffles as well as the details of playfulness spells Lanvin in this dress perfectly. As a bonus, it goes perfectly well with my bright pink lipstick yummy!

For convenience sake, my parents opted for food catering with quite a good spread of food!! How I miss Malaysian food so badly especially the kuih-muihs!!!

As I’m on a budget and I really would want to have great photos to remember the night, I bought a roll of wrapping paper making ’21′ cut outs and paste it to the wall assuring to my mum that the paint will not be ripped off. Surprise surprise!! That’s the first thing that went when I peeled off the 21 HAHAHHAHAHA!!! I even suggested of leaving the cut outs on the wall like a Wall of Fame, as a reminder to them that I’ve turned 21. :roll:

Though I hadn’t seen each and everyone for quite some time, it was definitely great seeing everyone again and reminisce about the things we do from the past such as Dinosaur Game!! Goshh we’re such retards when we were young hahahhaha!!

My two favourite pair of heels! Makes everyone so tall after putting them on and I kid you not when I said it doesn’t hurt a bit!

Oh god, everytime I look at this picture, it reminds me of my sad Birthday Cake story hahahha! :roll: My parents gave me the choice of choosing my very own birthday cake so I thought I might have order the cake and collect it myself since after all, it’s my duty. On the day of collection, I was waiting for the man to bring out my cake so religiously, till when he looked at my receipt, take a look at me and asked ‘You ordered and bought the cake yourself, and you’re here to collect it yourself?’ AND HE SAID IT WITH A NASTY SMIRK!! OHMYGOD HOW DARED HE, I didn’t know how to respond as I was much in a disbelief that what he said was true and I didn’t even realized it till he pointed it out! :evil: I had to convinced myself that I was just being strictly independent! :razz:

After all those worries about how the party would go, I’m really thankful that it turned out great towards the end! I love how the the special moments are captured into polaroids and I’ve read all the mini messages that I forced most of you to write hahahhaa and it made me smile every single time I take a look at it.

Special thanks to my cousins for helping me throughout the entire night from being my very own ‘bartender’ to photographer and everything else!! :razz: I’ve got the most amazing friends as well as family whom gave me an amazing time!!

PS : Now that I’m back for another two months, it’s tough getting the jobs that I want for experience sake but that should not stop me from getting what I want. Patience, determination, and passion will keep me going on chasing the things I want in life no matter what. Whenever life brings me, I must not turn down knowledge no matter how irrelevant it may seem but who knows what that could bring you to because after all, life is full of surprises! :mrgreen:


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