Monthly archives:February 2012

Two good days of London

This will be my last post to wrap the whole Europe trip I had last year, WHAT A DRAGGGG!! But at the same time, I'm feeling slightly sad because it feels like my trip is coming to an end all over again. For the last two and a half days of my tour to be exact, I've spent these two most precious days all over London shopping most of the time which is also why I managed to squeeze in two days within a post! There wasn't any moment to spare to snap pictures on my second day as it was probably MY ONLY DAY TO SHOP in the entire trip!! I simply love everything that's stated on this signpost so much! Unicorn theatre sounds like a magical place to be at, Fashion & Textile museum, ohmygosh I so want to see what is being placed in it and most important of all, London Bridge!! And as [...]

M Lee's : First top from my mini collection!

Today's just gotta be one of the best days of my life! I've been volunteering at Perth Fashion Festival for this whole week and I finally get to feel what it feels like to work at a fashion industry company. The excitement of it all! So what happens after graduation with your parents at home? BUMMING COMFORTABLY OF COURSE! The last few days had been one of the happiest moments because I've been spending every single day with both my parents and sister, enjoying every single dish my mummy would whip up for both lunch and dinner. My sister had brought us to see her house builder recently and I really love the display houses of this particular builder! Albeit the land was a bit small but the house looks perfect! For the past year, I've been sketching all sorts of designs [...]

Graduation Day

After 3 long years of slacking in studies, constant worries and nags coming from my parents and sister on why is their daughter/sister not as hardworking as others, nervous breakdowns every single time during exams on why hadn't I pay more attention in class and the endless times I told myself to 'Just Screw It' during exam, I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED!!! MY GOD!!! As I've intended to graduate with green hair, unfortunately it fades away so fast till just a few tiny strands of green with a whole load of golden yellow. A blessing in disguise perhaps, because it matches with the dress I've designed for myself perfectly along with the Curtin logo as well. :razz: WHOSE THE BOSS NOW HUHH?!?! :cool: Since last year, I have already picked out the flowers I [...]


I flew back to Perth just two days ago and it's my call to apply for jobs and doing all the things that an adult is supposed to do! I knew that this day will come but I didn't think the day we all dread most would come knocking at our door this fast to be honest. I've got some career goals in mind and I have been designing some pieces for myself in the hopes that something might work out from it in the future but I guess for now, I need to get any job on hand as quickly as possible! :cry: A country where almost everyone would commonly associate it with chocolates or waffles! That's the second last country in our entire Europe Tour trip. But before we head off to Belgium, we visited a few more local attractions in Rotterdam. As soon as we were dropped off to walk towards the cu[...]