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I flew back to Perth just two days ago and it’s my call to apply for jobs and doing all the things that an adult is supposed to do! I knew that this day will come but I didn’t think the day we all dread most would come knocking at our door this fast to be honest. I’ve got some career goals in mind and I have been designing some pieces for myself in the hopes that something might work out from it in the future but I guess for now, I need to get any job on hand as quickly as possible! :cry:

A country where almost everyone would commonly associate it with chocolates or waffles! That’s the second last country in our entire Europe Tour trip. But before we head off to Belgium, we visited a few more local attractions in Rotterdam. As soon as we were dropped off to walk towards the cubic houses, I was in awe as I’ve never seen houses being built this way. Sureeeeee, there’s always different designs and what nots but they’re usually square and stays flat on the ground. This was just phenomenal.

Halfway through, it got me thinking, how does the people even live in there? I should know that the exterior were built to confuse people like me because on the inside, it sure isn’t any different from an ordinary house.

Can you manage to spot the cat? :smile:

After lingering for a while more turning our heads to one angles to observe the people inside, we then proceeded to the National Science Park.

I love the Atomium structure far behind and the contrail in the sky made it looked like there’s electric current connecting between the ‘molecules’! I was told that it represents the Iron Molecule. That’s why I love travels like these, I tend to remember minor details like these but when it comes to my studies, I can’t even recall what the tutor or lecturer had said a day before.

It was quite a journey to Belgium. I remembered how famished we were once we’ve arrived but our tour guide insisted on bringing us to have a look at the famous Manneken Pis (a statue of a little boy peeing). I felt somehow cheated once I’ve set my eyes on it because I was secretly hoping it to be somewhat bigger because there are statues of it all over the town in each and every store and even those are bigger than the actual one! But okayyy, art comes in small sizes too! :evil:

As everyone was starving as I’ve mentioned earlier, we didn’t stay for long and ran off to find for a place to have a decent lunch. We stumbled upon a street where each restaurant prepares similar dishes so we’ve settled for Lobster House seeing that there were less people, so FOOD WILL BE SERVED FASTER!! That was our last desperate plea and it is true that one shall never enter a restaurant with not much patrons, the best thing I probably had was the bread as it was perfectly crusty on the outside while it’s soft and warm on the inside. The seafood paella and spaghetti was decent in terms of taste but the spaghetti was just too soft for my liking and not a bit al dente.

At every corner of the street, wait, that’s not even right. EVERY ALTERNATE STORE, they’re selling waffles in all sorts of varieties! Chocolate sauce, peanut butter, ice-cream in different flavours, EVERYTHING. It’s a sin not to eat at least one no matter how bloated one feel but truth to be told, I was REALLY disappointed and angry at the same time because almost every store seems to prepare these waffles just by reheating the ones that have been made previously resulting in a hard and icky waffle. I would really rather have waffles from A&W back in Malaysia because it was that bad!!! As the saying goes, there will be a rainbow after a rain because that’s when we came across Godiva!! EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATES!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

OH nothing..just something I happened to see in a souvenir shop. I FEEL BAD FOR THE CORK. :roll:

It was really hot by midday, thank god I’ve for tees! I’m not really a huge fan of tees normally but once in awhile, I’ll get tempted by the ones with clothes on them. Shoppingception wtf hahahaha!

As we’re only spending a few hours in Brussels, we then continued our journey to our last destination of the tour, also the place I’m anticipating most. LONDON!!!! Probably that’s the last place I could shop FOR REALLLL! :evil: Good thing is, I’ve spent a good 2.5 days in London and guess how many things have I bought!?!?! :razz:

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