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Graduation Day

After 3 long years of slacking in studies, constant worries and nags coming from my parents and sister on why is their daughter/sister not as hardworking as others, nervous breakdowns every single time during exams on why hadn’t I pay more attention in class and the endless times I told myself to ‘Just Screw It’ during exam,


As I’ve intended to graduate with green hair, unfortunately it fades away so fast till just a few tiny strands of green with a whole load of golden yellow. A blessing in disguise perhaps, because it matches with the dress I’ve designed for myself perfectly along with the Curtin logo as well. :razz:


Since last year, I have already picked out the flowers I wanted for my graduation day and begged my parents to get a bouquet for me. But as the time comes, my family insisted that it’s a huge waste of money spending on flowers so we’ve agreed upon getting a Koala bear for me instead to which I’m not complaining about! :mrgreen:

Headed to uni a wee bit earlier than the graduation ceremony to have take stupid unglam pictures ourselves. But of course, with the regalia on, no matter how unglam we are, it’ll just look good HAHAHAHAHA! :razz:

Seeing how I’m not in any way going to get flowers on my graduation day, I’ve decided to bring my 95 cents flowers that I brought from Ikea! I knew it that some day, my useless buys will turn into something great!!!! :twisted: Yupp, that totally felt like a Harry Potter moment with our flower wands.

Though most of our friends’ graduation ceremony falls on different dates, I’m very grateful and thankful to those who could make it yesterday. I must say that without you all, my life in uni would be much more worse than what it is today. I know that it’ll take some time for us to reunite in one place as some of you might be going away soon, but in my heart, you all have a place in it. :sad:

It wasn’t long after that we have to take our seats and wait for eternity before we can have our 5 seconds of fame on the stage. Boy I can tell you how nervous I was. During the whole 5 seconds, though it felt longer to me, my mind speaks for itself.

OH GOD PLEASE DON’T LET ME FALL, PLEASE DON’T LET ME FALL!! I’VE DONE GOOD JUST NOW BY TELLING THE GIRL IN FRONT OF ME THAT SHE HAS A STICKER ON HER ROBE. THAT’S GOOD KARMA RIGHT? OH CRAP OH CRAP, I FORGOT TO TIP MY MORTARBOARD! By then, I was already walking halfway. *STOPS and tips mortarboard* Right now I just look like an idiot. *GAH GAH GAH WHERE’S THE CAMERA THAT I’M SUPPOSED TO SMILE AT?!* oooo lala ok thank you byebye, oh gosh you have wrinkles on your face!

After the end of the ceremony, we have a 5 minutes worth of fireworks. The thing that I’m looking forward to the whole entire night!! :mrgreen:

Got a really thoughtful and nice gift from Joy! A book filled with great inspiring quotes and a lovely graduation card! Couldn’t have make my day any better! Before I sleep, I was explaining to my dog how I’ve graduated and he just laid down his head on my knee listening to me the whole time I was talking. :smile:

It was yet another perfect day.


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