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Two good days of London

This will be my last post to wrap the whole Europe trip I had last year, WHAT A DRAGGGG!! But at the same time, I’m feeling slightly sad because it feels like my trip is coming to an end all over again. For the last two and a half days of my tour to be exact, I’ve spent these two most precious days all over London shopping most of the time which is also why I managed to squeeze in two days within a post! There wasn’t any moment to spare to snap pictures on my second day as it was probably MY ONLY DAY TO SHOP in the entire trip!!

I simply love everything that’s stated on this signpost so much! Unicorn theatre sounds like a magical place to be at, Fashion & Textile museum, ohmygosh I so want to see what is being placed in it and most important of all, London Bridge!! And as a matter of fact it isn’t falling down the last time I’ve checked. :razz:

The famous London’s Eye. We all hopped onto this beast and caught a glimpse of London in the whole 30 minutes ride. Slow but the whole scenery was just simply amazing!! Though the sky looks gloomy and grey, it didn’t feel the least bit depressing as other countries before London. I don’t know how to put this but I can somehow feel the familiarity of this place like as if I’ve been here a long time ago. :grin: I remembered seeing the exact same spot from Mary Poppins when the movie was just rolling in the beginning!

We headed to Abbey church on our next stop, a place everyone must have seen on their television set or even went to during Prince William’s and Kate’s wedding! :razz: I can still pick out the thought on what I did the other day during the wedding, I ran back home from Dim Sum just to catch her walking down the aisle in time!! :lol:

I don’t know why but there seems to be a Chanel lookalike logo on almost every lamp post when we were on our way to the Buckingham Palace to catch the ‘Change of Guards’. Waited for 20 minutes just to watch them march from afar for a good 5 minutes! They are so synchronized!! They even have a little store that sells tea sets and I really loved how they displayed blue and pink boxes on each side of the window display. Kinda looks like there’s a section for both men and women in there. :razz:

Headed to Madame Tussauds without my parents as they claimed that they’ve been there, so they went to Selfridges to shop! I was having second thoughts of my decision to visit the wax museum but all of it was worth it when I had so much fun taking pictures with these life-like wax statues!

I really love London as there’s a blend of old and new buildings as seen in one of the pictures. Jumping into the bandwagon, I quickly jumped into a telephone booth to have my London version telephone booth picture as opposed to my Japanese’s version last year. I wasn’t very happy on my first night in London as everyone was so sleepy and already back in the hotel by 8pm. Not to throw a tantrum but I really did wanted to explore more of London because I know there’s just so much more to see but oh well, maybe next time. Definitely. :twisted:

On the next day and our last day in London (THANK GOD FOR NIGHT FLIGHTS), we put ourselves in a frenzy shopping mood and head over to Oxford Street first thing in the morning. We pride ourselves on being so early that day as the shops were not even opened yet when we arrived. I will show you all my purchases in my daily outfit pictures! :oops:


Second thing : A FASHION COLLEGE!!!! AND A ZARA STORE UNDERNEATH IT!!!! HEAVEN ON EARTH?!?! I would love to study here one day!! :mrgreen:

Walked over to China Town because a man claimed that it is only 5 minutes away. Cheated my mum’s feelings as it was actually a ten minutes distance! Had Chinese food just because everyone was having a sore throat and we couldn’t get enough of Four Seasons!

Went to Harrods to meet up with Marshy as she was there during my time of the trip! As soon as we meet, we brisk walked to Laduree.All the desserts looked amazingly good and I was spoilt for choices but as I was running out of time, I settled for a box of macarons as it was my main intention in the first place.

Till then, I’ll be back in London in no time! :mrgreen:


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