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Cottlesloe Beach

Just last two mondays, it was the long awaited Labour Day and it happens to be my very first public holiday ever since I start working so can you imagine how excited I was?! I didn’t used to have the privilege of having public holidays during my days in university because it simply does not exist within the university’s context booooo! :roll: Had a really good breakfast of Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon at a nearby cafe which is sinfully delicious but it really isn’t a good idea if you’re heading to the beach in a bikini! :shock:

The temperature climbed up to 36degrees on that day so it was pretty good for a tan but got more than I asked for in the end! Skin got burnt and I looked like I’ve paint part of my body with brown paint. :evil: Coincidentally there was an art exhibition then, the annual’Sculptures by the Sea’! There was a lot of artsy fartsy things around but I just couldn’t decipher some of them though! Oh wells, as everyone says, ‘You don’t question art’. :razz:

You can see more of them here if you’re keen on knowing when and where the next one is going to be held!

Gotta say I’m not entirely blessed with good genes like Miranda Kerr or any supermodel in the world but I’ve got to give myself a pat on the back that I managed to have the guts to walk around the whole beach and even onto the roads with cars all lined up on the busy road scantily clad in a bikini. Bet everyone had a good view of my ass HAH! Kidding! :razz:

These are the only two sculptures that I took of, the slippers were made of papers and there’s hundreds of them lying around! The other one was a group of men squatting down in a weird position facing each other in a circle so what’s there not to imitate?! :mrgreen:

Going to the beach that day was certainly a great day out but I left the beach without two of my earrings and almost my sunglasses!!! That was such a 2 minutes scare because it fell into the water. So guess how much of a hope I got when I couldn’t find it anywhere?? Thankfully a guy nearby found it when he saw me wailing like a psycho, I wanted to hug him to thank but it will be soooooo awkward with his girlfriend around, so I just gave him a very weird praying gesture hahahaha!!

Let me tell you something in advance, heading to a gourmet market in a bikini probably isn’t such a good idea so your best bet is to get dressed before you leave the beach! :lol: It was such an embarassing moment when I had to put on my pants and top right in front of the store!! To my defense, I forgot that I left my clothes in the car trunk and I guess unlucky got onto our side because there’s a parking spot right in front of the store. I MEAN COME ON?! How often do you get a parking spot this near eh?! I know I don’t! :evil:

That aside, there was a lot of good ingredients around. Think La Fayette but instead of fashion apparel, it’s food. Okay maybe La Fayette is too much of a comparison but something along the lines! Gotta love nudie for quenching your thirst and the flavour sure works it weird way up to me! :razz:

Anyway, there’s some posts being lined up for the next few days so be patient! This isn’t an outfit post because there’s no outfit to begin with HAHAHAH! Ohmygod, okay. That’s lame. :roll:


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