Monthly archives:April 2012

Style Envoy Picnic

It's the long Easter weekend and I'm just enjoying every bit of it! The best bit of all is that the weather has been very warm and all sunny sunshine despite a week of rain just before this. :evil: As I was picnic deprived my whole childhood, it's a no brainer if I were to tell you that I'm having a secret itch of throwing a picnic at every chance I get!!! :roll: In fact I just had another one yesterday but that will be for another post soon! This picnic party happened end of last year which was organized by Perth Fashion Festival for the success of PFF 2011! As it was getting warmer over here in Perth, so I opted for something breezy and comfortable enough for a picnic. I've always loved this pair of denim shorts because I found it by luck on the 50% rack and it's the last[...]

Red Rose

We're still in the midst of a transition period between summer and autumn but while the temperature is still lingering on the warmer side, I figured that dressing in a bright red ensemble wouldn't hurt anyone. Except for that bull which chased my mother up a tree HAHAHAHAHA because she was in a shocking red dress. :razz: This floral blazer screams PRINTS and it resembles my mood perfectly for whole entire month and that's probably the reason why it's being worn to death and hanging lifeless in my closet! Seeing how it blends in with the blooming flowers behind definitely stirs a deceiving image in my head every single time I take a look at it thinking that we're about to experience Spring right now! On the bright side, I guess I have taken after my dad's gardening [...]

New In : Neon Green

Be it letters or packages wrapped in a really nice patterned paper or just the ordinary waxed brown paper or even cardboard boxes(!!), I will be squealing delightedly whenever there's one with my name smacked right across it! Receiving this not long ago has definitely made my week or month. As my mother's birthday was coming close, I decided to get her a present and pamper myself alongside too when I saw the item I was wanting for so long is put onto the sale section in Net-a-porter! To my defense, it was all part of a saving scheme AHEM! As the shipping fee was fixed at a certain rate, I figured that the more you buy, the lesser the cost of shipping for each item! Practically, I'm also saving my future shipping cost if I were to buy mine separately in the future. Putting my financial [...]