Monthly archives:May 2012

Emerald City

It's been awhile since I've sat down in front of my computer having nothing to do except blogging. How does anyone even get the time to do so many things with just a two-days weekend?!?! Anyywayyy, there was an eco fair two weeks back held in Mosman Park which I've never even heard of or even been to. Silly enough of both Joy and I, we decided to venture out and headed there to have a look at what's being sold! You should know by now that getting lost is our forte because I have lost count of not knowing where I am every single time I am in a new place hahah! :razz: I felt like as if we were child again because there was a tent stationed in the middle of the fair where a huge load of unused wood board was placed for children to play with. There were hammer and nails pr[...]

All Things Girly

The weeks are flying past so quickly now that I've got so many things on hand. I've taken up fashion illustration night classes and I have to say, it's one of the best decisions made. Apart from that, I've also joined my company's australian touch footy team and our strategy is be the winner among the losers because we're that bad! :razz: Anyway, I've been fiddling with my memory card and I realised that I have not posted these that I've taken a few months back! The jelly flats sure did made a few appearances before but it's just the glossy appearance in these photos that making me wanting to show them in all its glory again. Plus, that's my first ever piece of pyjama shorts from Peter Alexander and I got it during 50% discount sales which couldn't make me happier![...]

A Feminine Take

Having seen so many British inspired styles that boys don on the internet and searching religiously on the it sparked an idea of inspiration to me lately. Or shall I say, the slumbering boy character in me has finally awaken. Did I tell you that I find guys that dresses up in the British high street style are exceptionally visually pleasing? Aaaaanyway, I was looking around for pieces in my wardrobe if I could create a British Boy outfit but with a slight feminine touch just to keep things fresh! It really gives you a sense of satisfaction when you combine the common basics that you often wear on its own and make it into something entirely different and new. Being one of the shirts that has been worn to death for its light weighted fabric and aesthetic reasons, I've [...]