Monthly archives:June 2012

Flamingo Tango

I don't know if it's just me or this happens to everyone else but I get obsessed with an animal, and it changes every 6 months. Weird thing is, whenever I go crazy about it, all the prints on clothes seems to be revolving around that animal (i.e Dalmatian the last 6 months, look how many new arrivals comes in dalmatian prints and pattern). To be honest, I've been secretly thinking that maybe, just maybe this is the reason of my existence in predict the next 'IT' animal HHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely widening the range of jobs in the fashion industry ay. Can you imagine if I were to tell people what my job is when I meet new clients? Hi there, I'm the animal predictor for next season's prints. How do you do? Certainly something worth thinking about! Of course, it's obvi[...]

Style Diary : Sporty Casual

Is everyone getting excited for the upcoming London Olympics yet? Listening to the live broadcast of English radio station at work daily, and following the news about where the torch is, it had definitely got me all worked up with the Olympics spirit as well! Of course, this has got me stealing some inspiration to don on the sporty vibe and what better is there to walk in none other than a pair of stylish sneaker wedge? :grin: Doesn't it just make you think of a poster ad with the slogan 'You'll never walk alone'? Just something that pops into my mind whenever I look at it, and I know that no matter what decisions I make or path I take, there will always be people around giving all the love and support. :razz: Playing with a few key trend[...]