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Style Diary : Sporty Casual

Is everyone getting excited for the upcoming London Olympics yet? Listening to the live broadcast of English radio station at work daily, and following the news about where the torch is, it had definitely got me all worked up with the Olympics spirit as well! Of course, this has got me stealing some inspiration to don on the sporty vibe and what better is there to walk in none other than a pair of stylish sneaker wedge? :grin:

Doesn’t it just make you think of a poster ad with the slogan ‘You’ll never walk alone’? Just something that pops into my mind whenever I look at it, and I know that no matter what decisions I make or path I take, there will always be people around giving all the love and support. :razz:

Playing with a few key trends in one ensemble was definitely the highlight for me with some of my favourite pieces! Dipdyes, pastels, neon and sporty pieces all in one, certainly one of my favourite combinations ever. I was obsessed with this dalmatian sweater when I saw it on the Topshop Unique runway show last year and for MONTHS, I was eyeing on every single new arrival waiting impatiently. Knowing how Australia’s seasons are 6 months later than the rest of the world, I guess that it was time that I finally take it out for a wear after sitting in my closet for a good 6 months! In case you hadn’t notice by now I’m obsessed with dalmatians, which reminds me, I’ll probably show you my collection of dalmatian related items in the next few posts!

I love how Amelie and I are wearing dip-dyes but at the same time so distinctively different! I kid you not when I say that these are probably one of the most comfortable pair of wedge I ever had!! It was a long day with my girls from uni in the city just right the other day. Cheap Japanese food at one of my favourite peaceful spots, Shafto Lane and a walk around the city fooling around with the public payphones. This was of course followed by our routine of bubble tea from our new favourite Express-Tea store on Barrack Street. Definitely one of the best ways to go about on a warm autumn day out!

Can’t wait for this long weekend, and my mummy is coming on Sunday! I foresee good hearty lunches and dinners throughout the entire month! :mrgreen:

Have a happy long weekend, loves!

I was wearing:
ASOS Dip Dyed Denim Gilet
Topshop Dalmatian Sweater
Cheap Mondays Skinny Jeans
Topshop Sneaker Wedge


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