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Flamingo Tango

I don’t know if it’s just me or this happens to everyone else but I get obsessed with an animal, and it changes every 6 months. Weird thing is, whenever I go crazy about it, all the prints on clothes seems to be revolving around that animal (i.e Dalmatian the last 6 months, look how many new arrivals comes in dalmatian prints and pattern). To be honest, I’ve been secretly thinking that maybe, just maybe this is the reason of my existence in life..to predict the next ‘IT’ animal HHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely widening the range of jobs in the fashion industry ay. Can you imagine if I were to tell people what my job is when I meet new clients?

Hi there, I’m the animal predictor for next season’s prints. How do you do?

Certainly something worth thinking about!

Of course, it’s obvious that I’m leaning towards a bird fetish now and it’s Flamingoooooo this time! It’s great that I could manage to find two similar accessories from different brands. When I spotted the charm necklace of dangling flamingos, it is a no brainer that this entails an immediate shopping transaction that left my bank account in tears hahaha!

Ever since I’ve gotten my chiffon white shirt with tipped collar, I have been eagerly waiting for the cold weather to hit Perth so I will be able to play with layering with a few of my favourite sweaters. It’s probably a playful way of using details of the collar tips, just peeking out for asking for attention without overdoing it. Also, as it’s made of chiffon, it’s easier to incorporate into our casual day wear rather than just remaining strictly under work attire.

Even though we’re in the midst of winter, I still disagree with the trend of going for autumn/winter colours which would just makes my day a little bit more dull. It’s already bad enough that the weather is dark and gloomy, and with almost everyone on the street wrapped in black, grey or dark coloured clothing, why not take the initiative and be the one that’s going to brighten the day up? It’s up to you to decide on what mood you should be on every single day, so why not start with playing with colours even though it’s winter time?! ;-)

I’m torn between pastels and neon at the moment, which also translates to my split personality of being an extrovert or introvert at times hahahha! Ohhhh well, but I love how my lavender nail polish is matching with almost every colour.

Last but not least, that house in Northbridge is probably one of the weirdest houses I’ve came across. There’s a freaking skeleton on their balcony for a few years and I have no idea why someone would put it there for so long. Or maybeeeee, they’re just lazy to take it down right after halloween just like how I’m not bothered to take down my christmas tree right after christmas! :razz:

Have a good weekend loves!

I was wearing:
H&M Divided Shimmer Blue Sweater
Neon Hart White Shirt with Collar Tips
Balenciaga Hip bag
Flamingo Accessories from Diva and Topshop
Cheap Mondays Skinny Jeans


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