Monthly archives:July 2012

Lady Gaga Concert x Versace

Months before the much anticipated Lady Gaga's concert, I've been cracking for ideas with Joy on what to wear. We've came up with: - buying police tapes from Bunnings and just wrap around myself under a black dress, - borrow Joy's paper lanterns and squeeze my arms through it as sleeves, I even bought a pink feather skirt when I'm broke but that's okay, I've consoled myself that it's worth it for the concert solely for the concert!! But alas, I sticked to my trusty ol' Versace for H&M dress because it's crazy and loud enough for Lady Gaga. And most important of all, it's long sleeves because I'm such a wuss when it comes to the cold. Bleaghhh. I didn't think that the idea of seeing Lady Gaga had sink into my head then. Speaking of which, it was such a difficult t[...]

Modern Classic

The shortest day of the year has been long gone but it's still freezing on certain days though we're gradually moving into Spring. I'm waiting impatiently for the sun to stay longer during the days now, so I don't have to rely on tights to keep my legs warm every time i wear a skirt out! But then again, I clearly remembered how I was longing for winter last year, just so I could put this soft faux fur coat on and stroke myself every second. As I was saying in the last few post that I was a big fan of dalmatian spots and probably still am, this has to be one of the items that's most closely related to the movie character, Cruella De Vil. :razz: But of course, I'm far different from her context of love for dalmatian prints! :roll: I think going to Toast is becoming one of my re[...]


No idea why but when I first saw this pair of yummies, it reminded me of Isabel Marant's zora leather lacquer-wedge sandals instantly. Though it's not exactly similar in every way, though that would be a total rip off but I love how it adds a few inches of height without sacrificing the ease to walk in it. Always on the look out for statement shoes, I forgot how easy it was to settle with pieces that are less attention seeking. I had wanted to buy the same pair in a gold one but it was sold out fortunately (I guess) which led me to this minty shade instead. Venturing into pastels in a few different colours, I've decided to keep it within the cooler hues to keep the outfit soft. Amazingly, I've found a wall when I was walking past a back alley and it reflected the c[...]