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No idea why but when I first saw this pair of yummies, it reminded me of Isabel Marant‘s zora leather lacquer-wedge sandals instantly. Though it’s not exactly similar in every way, though that would be a total rip off but I love how it adds a few inches of height without sacrificing the ease to walk in it. Always on the look out for statement shoes, I forgot how easy it was to settle with pieces that are less attention seeking. I had wanted to buy the same pair in a gold one but it was sold out fortunately (I guess) which led me to this minty shade instead.

Venturing into pastels in a few different colours, I’ve decided to keep it within the cooler hues to keep the outfit soft. Amazingly, I’ve found a wall when I was walking past a back alley and it reflected the colours of my outfit of that exact day!

It was one of the last weekend that my mummy has in Perth, we brought her to Harbour Town and around the city, and I hadn’t stop splurging on everything I come across which is so annoying..which led me to put a shopping ban on myself till christmas. I’ll just see how long I can last, which reminds me, I already have an item on the ‘Exemption from Shopping Ban’ list HAHAHAHHA! Oh well… :roll:

Hope you’re all surviving through the week now! :mrgreen:

I was wearing:
Uniqlo Boat Neck with Breton Stripes Top
Forever New Fur Gilet
Uniqlo Corduroy Skinny Pants
Lovisa Blue Beaded Necklace
Balenciaga Hip bag
Topshop Mint Wedge Sandals


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