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Being Bright at the Museum

Pun intended haha. It has been the same old weekly routine, spending one of the days during the weekend in the library to studying as much as we could to cover up what we procrastinated during the week seems like the only way to sustain a passing grade for our final exam haha! :twisted:

Little did we know that there was a museum exhibition on animal fossils, so we got a little distracted ahahahhahaha! We both agreed that we definitely need to get our priorities right theeeeeeeeee NEXT TIME. :razz:

Ughhhh this is so wrong from this angle now that I take a closer look at it HAHAHAHAHHA! Fully illustrated process of how fossils are created, not teeheehee. :twisted: It’s quite eerie to be surrounded by so many skeletons but it certainly is interesting to see what’s beneath the flesh of all the animals we see in the zoo.

The skeleton of a dolphin was the most amusing of all, I hadn’t give much thought that their bone structure of their fins will resemble humans’ hands so closely! It’s worth giving it a visit, after all it’s free admission but you’re greatly encouraged to give a small token of donation before you enter! :grin:

Putting aside my ways of being lazy, I’m madly crazy of Doloris Petunia‘s custom made studded swarovski crystals bracelets! It’s a MUST to check her work out! Remember how we used to wear friendship bracelets when we’re a kids and making one each just for our best friends with their names on it? It’s definitely back but with a whole new level with two of my favourite embellishments!

Also, with a bright sweater, which I’ve mentioned before, a walking traffic cone on the street, I’ve toned down my accessories with a darker hue of blue intertwined beaded necklace just so it can still stand out, and in contrast with the colour of my top!

Hehehhe please excuse the ‘Korean Lady’ socks, I was just merely trying to expand my shoes because it definitely hurt after not wearing it for a long time geeez! And that’s probably the thickest skin socks I have hohoho.

Disaster aside, I’ve never been a fan of cuffed jeans straightly available from stores because it somehow just reminded me of the 7/8 unflattering pants we used to see when we’re kids. So I’m one to stay far away from anything cuffed! Taking inspiration from my neon sweater sleeves though, I figured that I should follow suit to give the outfit a little perky ‘cuffed’ illusion somehow. Strangely enough, it looked good when I folded up my skinny jeans, and I believe it all essentially boils down to investing in a good pair of quality jeans! :smile:

Last but not least, whoever passes by Perth Cultural Centre should definitely give Polly a try! Their sandwiches are to die for, and it’s probably one of the best curried egg sandwich that I’ve ever tasted in Perth!!

I was wearing:
Topshop Neon Rolled up Sleeve Sweater
Cheap Monday High Waisted Skinny Jeans
Aldo Oxford Flats
Lovisa Necklace
Swatch Watch


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