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WOW GUYS, I just came back from the best styling class ever and I almost cried a happy tear. I can’t really say much but I think what ever that is happening to me right now, there’s a reason on why it’s happening, even if it looks bad on the first impression. All I have to say is that, it was the most inspirational class, EVER. Shall elaborate more on that when my kind of miracle happens. ;-)

Well look at what I’ve got here, my long obligated post but as the saying goes, it’s better late than never! It’s been a ALMOST a year since Perth Royal Show 2011, I know that because P.R.S 2012 is taking place not long from now! Hadn’t noticed that these were sitting in a hidden folder all these while, which now explains why I’ve always had that tingly obligated feeling, as I always reassure my friends that I’ll blog about it in no longer than 3 months. Welll probably I should tell them that they should multiply that by 4. :roll:

What’s more exciting than taking a stroll in a place filled with so many brightly coloured things, different breeds of dogs, thrilling rides and most importantly, food from your own home country that to satisfy your momentary cravings!!!! :razz:

At the dog shows event hall, it was as if there was a huge party going on just for dogs. From malamutes, siberian husky to St Bernard, all of them had a fair bit of chance of exchanging handshakessaliva with me. Speaking of these dogs, their names will come to make you feel inferior when you think of your very own dog’s name. Think of, Sir Joseph Smith to our home pets, Fifi or Kiki LOL! :lol:

As we were still undecided of what to do (WOW you’ve really got to give me credit for still remembering what goes on during that day!), we’ve walked past almost every rides and shows just to arrive at a section filled with everything Malaysian. We couldn’t believe our eyes because no one would ever have expected that there would be an event promoting Tourism Malaysia right smack in the middle of an annual Australian show. Besides, it’s the only country that’s promoting, so could you tell what our lunch is consist of already for that day? Unlike the year before, where I had fried sausage and other mediocre, Roti Jala, Chicken Satay and Ice Kacang made its way into our Malaysian food-deprived tummies! ;-)

I think most of our money spent the other day was on games. Damn that cute boy for cheating our money. It’s true what they say, cute boys will cheat girls’ money. HAHAHHAHAHAHA kidding! But okay, we honestly thought that we could win ourselves the Husky plushies after being convinced by the guy at the booth that the game is fairly easy. Though..I would love to console myself that I’m cheated simply because I can’t admit that I’m bad at that game when all it takes was one more winning throw to win a plushy for everybody!! :evil:

I’m actually quite glad that I’ve gone last year even though it’s the same every year, but of course, it all boils down to the people whom you’re going with! Pretty glad that they were the ones I went with, for if not, I wouldn’t have the guts to sit on the most close-to-death ride!! Ah looking at these pictures now just make me wishes that Spring Weather would just come already!!

I was wearing:
Topshop Oriental Print Kimono Shrug
Kookai Tank Top
Valleygirl Floral Shorts

PS: Sorry to the others whom went, I just realised that we didn’t take a group picture together boohoohoo! :|


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