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The Great Ocean Drive

After spending all day in the city a day before, we thought that it will be the next best thing to travel further down to the Great Ocean Drive just to surround ourselves with the amazing beauty of mother Earth. Long before the trip, this was one of top of our ‘Must-Visit’ places in Melbourne and I’m really glad that Valerie agreed on taking us on this road trip! I told her that she had just signed up for a big deal of fun with me around when it comes to a road trip! :twisted:

A great big thank you to you, valerie! :mrgreen:

It couldn’t just get any better when Valerie took us for some breakfast at a small cosy cafe called Hardware Societe which was located nearby our apartment before adjourning on the few hours of long drive. She reckoned that this was a good place for breakfast as they serve one of the best egg breakfasts!

Apart from that, the breakfasts on the menu are definitely not the ones where you can generally find in any other places. Got myself a serve of poached eggs with trout on a toasted bagel with salad and hollandaise sauce and it was lip smacking delicious! It really is hard to find places which gives you that much of a salad ratio to the other food on the plate so this would be definitely one of the breakfast places which I will patronize often if only I live in Melbourne.

I was told by Valerie and Boon Hee that the drive will only be approximately 3 to 4 hours but neither of them told me that it was only till the START of the long windy Great Ocean Drive along the coast! However, it didn’t feel like ages as we took turns singing karaoke in the car filled with songs back from the 90s! Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Aqua, Spice Girl and Westlife, we were surprised how some of us remembered the lyrics word to word still! It was a pity that Valerie had to endure our croaking voices throughout the entire journey but I’m sure she must have enjoyed our presence, because it will be a shame not to!

Driving along the beautiful coastline, we stopped by a beach because the colours of the ocean were just too perfect on that sunny day for the start of our mini collaboration. After all, it was also the best time for us to dip our feet into the cold water just to cool ourselves down! :razz: Spent almost an hour there just to get the perfect shots but with the glaring sunlight and the blazing hot temperature, it was hard for us to work so these were all that we’ve got! But we didn’t beat ourselves too hard over this as it was only first try, and we know that it’ll just keep getting better!

It was only 7 hours later that we arrived at our destination, The Twelve Apostles which I believed had turned to 7 Apostles due to erosion. It’s a pity really, that a few more generations from now, our children will never get to see these creations of mother nature. As contradicting as it may sound, but I can’t believe that we drove 7 hours to admire these rocks hahaha! To be honest though, that place was filled with so many tourists that it was pretty hard to jump into a good spot or even stay for long to get some decent scenic pictures.

For that day, we dressed ourselves in beautiful long dresses just to fit in with the cool breezy place that we were heading to, and thankfully it wasn’t as cold and windy as expected. With a little bit of breeze, it gave just the right amount of wind for our portrait shots. I’ve chosen my black asymmetrical dress that I had bought a year ago, saving intentionally for a trip to the beach and matched it with a sequin-embellished bra for that shiny peek-a-boo. :razz: Lately, I’ve been adding a slight hint of manliness just to toughen my outfits a little and my flat taupe ankle boots was the perfect end to this outfit and with my coloured hair, I felt like this look had give me an extra few years younger which made me feel like just another college student! :cool:

But alas, after spending some time taking some shots, we called it a day and started our drive back home which was shockingly much faster and shorter compared to the road we used earlier during the day. As we were all worn out by the end of the day, we indulged ourselves with pizzas and chips heh heh because nothing beats greasy food to satisfy our cravings after a long tiring day! :razz:

Do you like how I styled this outfit of mine? :grin:

I was wearing:
Zara TRF Asymmetrical Dress
Topshop Sequin Embellished Bra
Topshop Varsity Jacket
Lovisa Spiky Necklace
Proenza Schouler PS11 bag
Ninewest Taupe Ankle Boots

PS: Credits to Joanne for some of the photos above. Check her blog out for more eye-worthy pictures, this chicka of mine is a talent to be watched out for!


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