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Yin & Yang

Well, all I can say is, you know that tiny obssesion that Belle from Beauty and the Beast has with books and libraries, the majestic architecture and the whiff of smell you get from the old pages? We had that exact same feeling on the forth day of our trip when we stepped into Melbourne’s National Library. It was a day of getting to know Melbourne city itself a little more by visiting most of the famous spots that we heard of greatly. Not forgetting, it was also a day to shop.

We headed to the State Library the very first thing in the morning, to avoid the ‘crowd’ because we thought that it might be a litte too loud with our cameras’ shutter noises. It was a tad bit daunting when we have to pass by some security personnel before getting into the main hall, because as much as we tried fitting in by looking normal, you can’t get pass two girls holding two big cameras and one of them walking around with a cat hat on her head. :roll:

We spent almost an hour for our shots in library, frolicking around, as well as putting our nose into every corner of the library but most important of all, trying our very best to remain inconspicuous at all times. I figured that the security guards knew what we were doing all this while, because I remembered seeing a sneaky smirk out of the corner of my eye when we were walking out of the library heh heh. :razz: But like what I’ve always said, what are the chances of us bumping into them again, so it’s definitely okay to go all out and do what you want to do! :cool:

We told Boon Hee that we would really love to catch the tram instead of going everywhere with just a car, so we could get a glimpse into how the locals commute to their destination. I’ve always enjoyed walking and getting lost in the city regardless of how big or which city I am in, because you will always, ALWAYS ponder onto something new by exploring the unseen streets. It teaches you a lot more about the culture, and also random fun things just by discovering a new street art or any other sorts of things!

Walking towards the street filled with graffiti art was just one of the many examples that I was pointing out to. Right there and then, there were two men creating another graffiti art on top of the old one. That was when I realised, how it all blended in together and how many pieces of art are there on this street alone. There were quite a few more groups of tourists around, so it was rather hard taking pictures without at least having one person in your background. We didn’t spend much time around as it was getting rather hot as the sun peaks at noon. Plus, it didn’t help much that I was wearing a faux leather shorts, go figure HAHAHAHAHA! :roll:

Headed off to Federation Square to catch another tram to a cafe I’ve been pestering Boon Hee about!! I guess this is the equivalent to Shibuya intersection in Tokyo? Hahahha there’s just soooo many people, and if you throw in some horse carriages, cars and trams into the scene, it’s so busy that it gives me the adrenaline pump like I needed to run. I know this doesn’t make sense but I just love this busy life that Melbourne is giving me, the need to move constantly! And for those who watches Masterchef Australia, haha this is where they serve at one of the episodes for the Masterchef Professionals! :razz:

Now, back to my Soda Rock diner which I insist on speaking to you about! I’ve seen it a couple of times prior to this and I really like this cafe’s concept of the 80s! Before our trip to Melbourne, I was telling Joanne on how we could dress like the 80s while dining here, and we thought of Grease immediately. Of milkshakes and hot dogs, with Elvis songs playing in the background, what is there not to love about this? It will be a pretty cool if everyone turns up with perfectly hair-sprayed hair, skater skirts, fluffy pastel sweaters, a lollipop in the mouth, cat-eye shades and gliding in with the a pair of roller skates. Now that’s just my imagination isn’t it?

Serving one of the thickest shake I’ve ever had and one of the humongous cheesiest hot dog bun, we’ve definitely underestimated their serving sizes as we were so bloated right after, it’s not even funny because I felt like a gigantic hot dog rolling down the street doing window shopping. Had a bit of fun shopping because I insist on getting at least SOMETHING in this trip, but it was a Boon Hee-Goes-to-Shop Day because we girls didn’t get anything much. :sad: It was a fun day altogether as it was my very first time getting a go at pool HAHAHAHAHAH! Quite addictive I must say, and I’m a fast learner yoo, coming from Joanne’s words. :razz:

Isn’t it just funny of how Joanne and I are so similar yet so different for our outfits of the day? I’m loving our outfits a lot on that day, but wait till you see the day after. It just keeps getting better and better heh :twisted:

I was wearing:
Topshop Sheer Embroidered Shirt
Coco’s Fortune Pearl Faux Leather Shorts
Romwe Cat Ears Hat
Proenza Schouler PS11
Aldo Gold Dust Oxford Flats


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