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Cotton Candy

This might probably sound shallow to some but I absolutely adore all the movies and drama series that revolves around styles. It’s how they show an individual’s characteristic through the means of clothing and exaggerates it, and I really like that. Consequently, it got me thinking that, why shouldn’t we make a statement and express ourselves that way by going all out, just because. And that’s exactly what I did on the fifth day of our Melboure Trip where we’ve planned on heading to the parks and doing a whole bunch of sight seeings.

I don’t think it’s weird or ever wrong if you just want to go to the park in a dress that makes you feel like a ball of fluff! It’s funny because when we started our morning by meeting Valerie, the only thing that came of her first mouth before even saying HI is ‘what the heck are you wearing?’! And if that’s not convincing enough that I was a total fluff, when we reached the Queen Victoria markets for breakfast and I was trying to pick up my tissue from the floor like any other responsible beings, all I had to do was to stand up and make everything around me fall like domino pieces. My chair was one of them. :roll:

It’s funny how everyone must have thought at that time, well lady, that’s what you get for wearing a dress bursting with cotton candies and unicorns from your layers of tulle underneath that dress.

BACK to the markets, Joanne and I decided to buy a bouquet of flowers before heading to the park just for the fun of pictures! Valerie recommended the jam filled American doughnuts and it was one of the BEST doughnuts that I’ve ever eaten. What’s not to love of deep fried sugary coating doughnut filled with hot dripping strawberry jam? Kept some for our sugar high picnic alongside with some newly bought white nectarines!

I have to say that that day was probably one of the most girly days I had throughout the year. After catching a tram and a few long distances walk, we found a nice little gazebo that reminded me so much of the scene from Sound of Music. When you put three girls together in that situation, they’ll start dancing and singing to ‘I am Sixteen going on Seventeen’ even though they’re in their freaking 20s.

And yes, we brought a dog and an ice-cream fan along. Don’t give us that look. :razz:

For my outfit that day, I insist on choosing a fluffy dress channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw but like I said, I’m not one of the girly girls you would see around. So I put a little dash of myself by throwing on a varsity jacket just to casual it down, and my felted hat just for that slight eccentric edge. It’s always nice to bring a clutch out every time but annoying at the same time when it could not fit everything I need to bring out at once. Therefore, I thought it wouldn’t hurt that I use my ipad protective casing as clutch instead and I think it mixes pretty well with the colour palette of my outfit for that day!

I have to say that Valerie has been very patient with us girls for wanting to stop at every spot we find worthy of fancy pictures. It wouldn’t hurt a bit to amuse the joggers around by running up and down the hill a few times just to get that good shot! It’s my favourite past time to be spending time having picnics on the grass and that was just what we did when I was dead tired from excessive running. It’s tough running itself, but running in an outfit is no joke. :x

Gaining our energy back from a sugar high filled lunch, we continued our day through to Shrine of Remembrance which somehow resembles a Pyramid to me, at least. The reason being that it’s the only structure in a vast area surrounded by trees and hedges planted asymmetrically. It’s also one of the reasons of why I love Melbourne so much, because I could feel like I was thrown into a quiet time of era and the next moment, I’m standing alongside a busy street.

Annnnd the next second, you’ll find yourself in an Italian street. :cool: I just couldn’t resist on insisting that we MUST at least come to Il Dolce Freddo for their Pandan ice-cream. It’s the only flavour that I’m longing to try though they have many more unique flavours to offer, and that was one of the decisions in life that I do not regret making.

Perfect bliss.

I was wearing:
Topshop Gradient Tulle Dress
Romwe Felted Cat Ears Hat
Marc by Marc Jacobs Neoprene Stardust Ipad as Clutch
Peter Alexander Jelly Flats

Photographer : Joanne Elaine


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