Monthly archives:October 2013

Perth Fashion Festival 2013

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a few of the shows hosted during Perth Fashion Festival 2013. Even though the whole fashion week was raining on most days, that didn't steer me away from going and getting myself drenched in the cold stormy weather. Though it was really tempting to stay at home in the nice weather, I'm so, so glad that I went ahead with my first decision. I was exhilarated to be able to witness the well-put together shows like Curtin Tenth Year Retrospective, and Restyle Runway Program! There were some extraordinary pieces that the models had on while walking down the runway. Soft, lacy and feminine fabrics while maintaining the structure of the design, I love all the ones that were captured below particularly the white piece by Kezia soedjo[...]

Macho Bananas

HELLLOOOOO to all you chic-sters out there, hope everyone has planned a wonderful weekend ahead or if you haven't, take a breather from what you're doing and head out to experience every little detail in your surrounding. So, so good for the soul and I'm really thankful that my beautiful Saturday is here, yet again! It's been a busy week for me and I've got some exciting stuffs coming up soon so do watch out on this space! ;) Denim pieces has always been a staple in my wardrobe because it's such a versatile piece for many different styles out there. Pale, dark, white-washed, tie-dyed, 50 shades of blue (hahaha so corny!) or even printed denim! There's just so much you can do to denim that you'll get a headache from thinking all the endless possibilities. However, I'll just focus mai[...]


Living in a city far away from home, a slower paced one to be exact, I managed to squeeze some personal time by myself just wandering through the streets in Perth. Drowning myself in its beauty at sunset that I wouldn't be able to observe on my usual busy mundane routine, it's only then I will be able to take a breather and just listen to the rhythmic waves that hits against the shore like the pulses of a beating heart. To be able to witness this and capture its beauty (though I would say that it is much more beautiful to see it with your own eyes, and a pair of glasses in my case haha!), I couldn't be more thankful for being able to live in this city for the last few years. It is this year that I realised how much I have grown mentally and also spiritually as a person. I would nev[...]