Monthly archives:March 2014

Summer in Bondi

Being one of the most popular beaches, it's inevitable that Bondi Beach was one of the places to be ticked off on my list when I was in Sydney for my holiday. Given that it was so hot that day, a good swim at the beach was definitely one of the highest temptations! But seeing how I was trying to squeeze in a few planned activities into a day, getting into the water was definitely out of the question which was just a shame! In saying that however, it definitely did not stop me from getting my swimsuit on for the day! Hadn't gotten into a one-piece swimwear ever since my highschool days, it felt strange that I'm parading around in a lycra piece. But since it was more of a casual outing, I've styled up my swimsuit without restricting it to only to be worn at the beaches. With a high-wa[...]

Ain't No Mountain High

I'm terribly sorry for my two weeks absence! It's been a hectic fortnight and I'm so lucky to be given the opportunity to be involved in the production and styling of Alpha Models Fashion Show! It was definitely one of the better experiences I have had in the fashion industry here in Perth. It's strange that I have so many things to post on my Sydney trip even when I've been diligently posting every week (or two)! Joanne and I had booked us in to a mini day trip to Blue Mountains to see The Three Sisters and Jenolan Caves. Words simply can't describe Mother Nature's beauty so I'm just going to let the pictures do the talk. I didn't had the chance to shoot much of my outfit pictures as we were completely out of breath by the time we reached the First Sister (first rock hahahaha!)[...]

Bright Nights

My Sydney trip surely wasn't one that allows any sort of breaks in between! In fact, we were constantly on the go from morning to late at night. Of course, that just makes everything more worthwhile, not a second to lose with so little time in this beautiful city! After having spent so many hours at Darling Harbour, Chinese Garden Friendship and Opera House working on our year long awaited project, Joanne took me to dinner at Hurricanes. Apart from our project, their pork ribs are the next best thing that she has been raving about constantly! We were starving after the whole day's work and ordered what seems to be for 3 to 4 people. As it was only a small night out by the harbour, I opted for a simply and casual look for this carefree outing! Given the hot summer night and having fo[...]